Friday, November 9, 2012

Menu planning, making it simple

Oh my goodness - just add nightly meals to the many things on the to-do list.  Right before I went back to work, Charlie did his one and only 2 hour long nap and what did I do?  Make freezer meals of course.  Well, I made like 10 freezer crockpot meals so I could just throw them in the crockpot in teh morning and have them ready by the time we got home from work.  Because when I get home from work I am STARVING.  Not sure what it is, mental or this whole breastfeeding thing, but I'm one hungry girl at the end of the work day.  So now that I am a seasoned working mom (haha, not really at all), I'm trying to get better at planning because Lord knows preparation is everything because who knows what the morning will bring.

We have kind of liked the crockpot freezer meals, but just kind of.  Like some of them have been a little BLAH and then I find myself eating chocolate instead.  Just like any healthy person would do, right?  Lots and lots of chocolate.  I'm sure Charlie appreciates those sugar highs.  And then when I do that I feel like I wasted time, money and some calories all in one.  Not a great feeling.  And even though Jimmy always says "it was good", I know he's lying.  Especially if he says to me at 9PM "want to go to McDonalds?". Haha. 

So here's the Carter family's new approach.  We shall see how it goes.  I think it will do a couple things:

  1. Save me time in thinking of new "creative" meals that we might not like.  Go with the theme and some of the same old dishes that are easy and we both like and are somewhat healthy.
  2. Bring Jimmy into the cooking responsibilities - at least once a week and if not more because it will be easy things to make (aka spaghetti is go to on pasta night.  He can do that)
  3. Save us money.  Instead of buying all these one off items for these "creative" and new recipes, we stick to the same old stuff. Like stir fry, quick, easy, cheap and healthy.  Done and done.
And here you have it.  A "themed" meal night that both husband and wife have put thought into.  I want to make it more fun too because while we love going out to dinner, it's hard on the week nights because if we do it's less time with Charlie - which I'm not ok with.  So dinner in it will be!

Still going to stick with our menu and plan the exact meals each Sunday like I usually do...but at least this way the creativity part is cut out and we will both know what to expect.  What do you think?  Are you more of a "boring"/this is what we always eat family/household or are you a "I like to cook creative stuff"???

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