Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lucky 13?

(This is a week late...and week 14 is already in the works.  This whole working full time thing seems to get in the way of blogging...so forgive me!)

Week number 13 came and went with a bang. It started off with our very last day together of my maternity leave and then the big first day of school. Oh my. I was so worried that you were not going to eat or you were going to cry all the time. Nope - none of the above. Your teachers love you and you seem to love them right back.

And how is mom doing back to work?!! The first 3 days were great- especially because you allow me to get some rest at night (bless you child). And with lots of preparation the night before, our mornings seem to go smoothly, which is also a huge sigh of relief. I thrive off schedules and I think you do too little man!

What else?!! Well we had lots of fun with friends watching football and then another big first- your first stuffy nose. Yep, just after 3 days in day care you were a snotty, stuffy mess. But with some extra love and snot sucking you seemed to be just fine!

And Monday we started it all over again....whew! You started taking lots more from a bottle too and are getting into a routine which is great. Even if 13 was our first week apart I'm still calling it lucky because it went as good as it could and when the weekend came...I didn't have to put you down. You were all mine!!!

One thing that is sad is the drop in number of pictures I take of you Charlie.  Since I'm not around you 24/7, when I am with you I tend to soak up the moments more and hold you a little closer instead of always snapping pictures of you.  Don't worry - I still get at least one a day but that is compared to like 50 per day.  Such is life though, right?

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  1. Aww. You read my mind in your last paragraph. I've already thought about how I will no longer have dozens of pictures each day because I'm going to want to spend every moment focusing on my little gal.

    Happy all is going well though! :)