Monday, April 7, 2014

Books and Boutiques - a great event!!!

I mentioned in my Five on Friday post that I had the day off to go support my sister at her work event, Books and Boutiques, to benefit the St. Luke's hospital foundation.  And while I had an idea of what everything that was involved in the day and had a sliver of an idea of all the work that went into it from talking to my sister these past months - but WOW.  I was seriously blown away!  

It was seriously amazing.  And while she says there were some snafus during the day, no one would have ever known.  I don't even have a clue what they were.  Seriously, it was so awesome!!!!

The day started at 10AM and there were all kinds of booths set up with stores from the KC area.  They were so awesome and full of amazing clothes, accessories (OMG the accessories - I wanted to spend like a million dollars on those) and even some home decor.  It was so fun to walk around and shop through all these neat area boutiques with awesome finds that were all in one place!  I had only heard of a few of them, so it was fun to learn about some more fun shopping places in KC!

A little before lunch, there was a flash mob fashion show too.  It was so neat because they just took streamers and split the crowd and started walking and showing off their stuff.  It was pretty awesome and the models were gorgeous!!  And see those pink boxes that the models are standing on??  Yep - my dad built those.  I think there were at least 7 of them.  That's what they did on a Friday afternoon at my house when I was in London!!  They were SO sturdy!  I loved them.  And guess what?  I even got to take one home and I'm going to cover it to make it into a fancy little ottoman for baby girl's nursery.  YEAH!  

Then it was time for lunch.  And when we walked into the ballroom I was seriously BLOWN away.  I cannot even tell you how fabulous the tables and the food set up looked.  I mean take a look.  It was better than any wedding I have ever been to - let alone that it's a charity lunch.  Sheesh!  She did amazing!!

And since Marlo Thomas was the main speaker, every one in attendance got a free copy of her new book "It ain't over till it's over".  (she did talk a lot about it and I do want to read it!  Sounds pretty good and very inspiring as a woman too!

Here's a view from the back!  The whole room was awesome!!!

This was a picture of the large centerpieces.  The flowers were break taking!  Better yet - we got to take them home, so now they are gracing the presence of my kitchen island.  And who doesn't love fresh and BEAUTIFUL flowers!?!

And a far away shot of Marlo Thomas talking.  She was a great and inspirational speaker.  And she is 76 years old.  OMG.  When she said she was over 70 I about died.  She looked much younger!

And here is a great shot of the Bruns family there supporting our girl!!  She did awesome and we were all very proud of her!  My dad and mom are seriously the best parents ever.  So so supportive.  My dad was there super early to deliver the boxes he made and help with anything my sister needed and my mom was there right after to help as well!  I mean - how amazing!  I just showed up!

AND - my mom also bought a whole table and invited lots and lots of her friends and family to support my sister!  It was so fun to hang out with all these ladies.

Left to right - back row: Vicki (Molly's mom!), Arlene, my mom, my sister, me
Left to right - front row: My aunt, Susan - so sweet of her to come in town for this!!, Lorrie (Katie's mom) and my grandmother.

My dad and my sister's boyfriend, Casey, also joined in the table for some fun!!

Seriously, it was a fabulous event and so fun to support my sister.  I think they raised a ton of money too, which all went to support the St. Luke's South Emergency Room, which is a nearby hospital.  They had some great videos of patients talking about their wonderful experiences there and what a great place for the money to go because you never know when you will need the ER!!

So proud of you, Lyndsay!!  What a great sister and all your hard work sure paid off!!

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  1. You have the cutest little bump! And that pink box is going to look fabulous in Baby Girl's nursery, I just know it! :)