Sunday, April 27, 2014

First glimpse of her face!!

Well, we had another busy weekend at the Carter house - and even though I feel like Jimmy and I are so pooped (Charlie too) at the end of the day, it's worth every second of the fun we had.  We actually had so much fun with 2 big events - that it really deserves two posts.

On Saturday morning we got to see our baby girl up close and personal through the 3D/4D sonogram we did at Belly Image again.  We did the same thing with Charlie, just a tad bit earlier so it was almost exactly 2 years ago that we saw him on the big screen like this for the first time.  Literally the detail you can see in these things was what blew me away the first time - and the second.  I forget how you are literally growing a PERSON inside you and they move and sleep and pee and eat all while I'm going about my day and feeling them move now and then.  

It is truly a miracle.  Every sweet baby that is conceived, no matter how old the are, they are a person in my mind and being pregnant now twice reaffirms it every time.  

It truly is a miracle; one that I believe only God could make.

So when it got to be that time again and Jimmy and I were discussing if we would shell over the $100 to see baby girl on the big screen again (and yes, this is during our strict budgeting...more on that later!), we decided it was totally worth it.  And again, it was.

This time, Jimmy's mom was in town and got to come see her, along with my sister, my parents and of course, Charlie and Jimmy.  Luckily we had others tag along because the vision I had in my mind of Charlie being enamored by the big screen and shots of his baby sister and what was in mommy's tummy lasted about 3 minutes.  Then outside became way more appealing.  So thank you family for appeasing him while I sat down and watched my baby girl.

Just like our last visit, it wouldn't be complete with a quick summary of some funny sound bytes that emerged from the room:

"She has your nose!"...yes we heard that again, believe it or not, my little button nose, must be a pretty powerful gene - which Jimmy is very happy about!
"She has got some LONG fingers - and is that hair??"...we are not sure about the hair comment, she said it could have been just shadows - but it sure did look like she had some long fingers.
"She's looking quite content cuddled up against your placenta"...which I'm hoping doesn't mean she will want to stay in there until 42 weeks!!
And the best comment was from my dad...we did ask the sonogram tech to confirm again that it was a girl (just in case, right?).  She was having some trouble getting to the position where she could see her crotch.  She was saying that it looks like her legs are closed and she has a foot nestled up by that area, so it was hard to see...and my dad came in with...
"Let's just hope that is how her legs stay...closed"  Oh my.  So many years away from that, but so funny and terrifying all at the same time.  Needless to say, he had the room laughing and Jimmy nodding his head VERY hard and Sue said that for sure comes from a dad with 2 girls! (but she did say she got a glimpse and it's still a girl)

She was sleeping the whole time and just moving around a little (despite the pop I had before and some orange juice mid-session), but she seemed to be just find nestled against the wall of my uterus with my placenta in front of her.  She is breech (which is what my doctor guessed on Friday), so that explains why I'm not feeling any kicking in the ribs like I did with Charlie and only on my bladder/pelvis.  But my doctor said not to get too concerned until 36 weeks if she's not turned, so I'm not going to worry about it for 6 or so more weeks - too many other things to worry about, right?  She'll make her way into the right position hopefully!!

As always, it was nice to see that she looks healthy and things are in the right places as well - never too many times you can see or hear that as a parent, right?  And, from these pictures, she kind of looks like what her brother did when he was this age.  I have always said Charlie would make a cute girl - and we even had a few pictures of him in a bow (and the tutu from last week) that proves that - so that would be kind of fun, right?  No matter what, she's beautiful to us and it made me SO excited to meet her.  I was terrified earlier this week at how fast time is flying and all the things that need to get done before her arrival, but this really made me realize that in all honesty - none of that matters and as long as she is healthy, I cannot wait to hold her in my arms and in traduce her to her silly brother and dad!!

Onto the pictures (again, I'll spare you on the 30 minute DVD!).

Again a few black and white profile pictures of her!

Then the up close pictures.  Look at that nose.  Does that look familiar?  Just look at me and my son!

Like I said, she was nestled up right next to my uterus wall sound asleep (she did open her eyes up one time)

But look at those lips!!!  She's already got the pursing of her lips down.

A better glimpse of her arms/hands.

She was pretty flexible and quite nestled up with a view of her foot, arms and then she said at one point her other knee was up there too!  

And of course, we need a side by side of little lady at 29 weeks and her brother in utero at around 30.

So if technology is correct (which you never know), looks like the world better be ready for a girl Charlie.  I know we are anxiously awaiting her arrival!  I didn't think I could feel this kind of love second time around...but oh it's there.  We are getting so so excited to welcome her into this world - just 11 more weeks!

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