Thursday, April 24, 2014

Weeks 26 - 28

Somehow April got busy.  Wait - I knew it would be busy, but now just like that it's almost over and I've missed 3 full weeks of baby updates.  Don't you worry, I've got the corresponding pictures for weeks 26, 27 and 28 - but won't take the time to fill out an update on all three because let's get real, I'd just be making it all up at this point anyways, because early April already feels like forever ago and this baby is a growing!!  So here are the pictures and a 28 week update (which I was 28 weeks on Saturday - but apparently thought I was 29 because that was what I told all these people - oops!)

Some comments about these pictures:
Horrible lighting on week 26.  I did not adjust the white balance at all.  Shoot.
Week 27 and 28 I have already worn this shirt in these pictures.  Oops.
I have NO color in my wardrobe.  I have issues.  And I wear the same thing (as mentioned).
Finally in week 28 - WHOA hair.  I think I just teased it.
Ok that's all the self-criticism I have for now.

How Far Along?  28 weeks

Size of Baby: size of a head of lettuce already

Gender: Little baby GIRL 

Weight Gain: Up 22 now.  I don't think 2 delicious Easter lunches did either of us any favors.  But now that it's nice we are getting some walks in!!  We are all loving this seater!!

Maternity Clothes: Yes and yes.  I'm running out of shirts.  And I'm not happy about it.  And as much as I love dresses, I think my legs are too fat now!!

Nursery: Well I would like to tell you "it's done!".  But it's not.  I don't want to go back to see when I actually finished Charlie's nursery in the course of my pregnancy, but I feel like I am taking forever.  Ha.  My Pinterest issue from baby #1 (in which my mom finally had to tell me to stop looking and just DO) has creeped into an issue with baby #2.  The other night I was all set to make her crib skirt just like I made Charlie's, which was just a flat panel of fabric and then I thought "wow, it would be SO cute if it had ruffles on it".  And then proceeded to spend the entire evening on Pinterest figuring out how I could sew ruffles.  (I'm actually quite pleased with what I found and pieced together and came up with!).  But I did finish the window cornice and it's ready to be hung over the arched window and my aunt is doing the panels.  I'm still struggling with what fabric to cover the ottoman with since I cannot find a perfect match to the chair...but I did order some orange burlap to see how that looks and how the color matches this CUTE orange burlap lamp shade I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  So we shall see when that comes in.  The vision is getting more and more clear.  And it didn't help that I wanted everything in this display at Hobby Lobby!

Movement: Lots.  I love it.  But then I feel like she's quiet for a while and start to worry.  Hate that part of pregnancy; worry, worry, worry.

Symptoms: Heartburn and pressure.

Sleep:  Better this week - probably because I'm so tired!

Cravings: Watermelon - and it's FINALLY time for cheap seedless watermelon at the grocery store!

What I Miss: Being able to play a lot and chase Charlie around - it's exhausting!!!

Best Moment This Week: Spending lots of time with our families this weekend and Charlie is hilarious.  Making me more and more excited to welcome another little peanut into our family.

Panic Moment This Week: Hmmm - just want to finish the nursery projects that I have to sew!!  Then I have to study for a test for work!

Looking Forward To:  Seeing the nursery come together and of course - her 3D sonogram that we are doing on Saturday.  We went back and forth, but decided we liked it so much last time, it was worth it to get another peek at her!  And of course, preschool PROM of Charlie on Saturday.  #cutenessoverload

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  1. Preschool prom? Omg, can't wait to see pics! And of course of baby girl too! What a fun weekend ahead of you! Enjoy. ;)