Thursday, April 10, 2014

Seriously, 4 years of married life?!?

It's crazy to me that 4 years ago today Jimmy and I said "I do".  We told each other before our family, friends and God that we'd become partners, stay best friends, become roommates for life, one day become parents and be there fit each other through the good times and the bad.  I mean...really those "I do" words imply a whole lot!

Um...this picture makes me feel old since now we BOTH have a kid that is older than our niece, Norah, was in this picture!!! AHH!!!

And here we are as Mr and Mrs Carter four years later and I can tell you one thing- I literally cannot imagine my life without him.  I can't and I absolutely do not want to; I love having him as my partner day in and day out.  I mean, any married person knows that it's not all fun and games...but the not-so-fun times (the fighting over stupid stuff, the budget talks, when your grandparent dies or parent gets sick) are a lot better with someone you love and care for right beside you.  

We are actually continuing to work on our marriage and ensure we both are putting the work and effort that it needs to continue to be wonderful.  Everyone with a kid (or multiple) knows that can make life and a marriage a little more stressful.  But also pretty freaking amazing (I mean seriously, looking at your kid thinking hey are 1/2 you an 1/2 your spouse is frightening and amazing all at the same time).  We are not perfect and could both be better partners in some way shape or form.  The great part is that we are both open and willing to figure out where we can improve and just how we can continue to make one another happy.  And that makes me happy!  Very happy!!

We are currently 2 weeks into a 6 week marriage alpha class at church and we are loving it- even the homework part!  It's every Friday night and is so great because we get to take Charlie to the nursery at church (eat some pizza they provide with him before) then go up and eat a candlelit dinner together just the two of us.  I mean seriously-  that's worth it's money in gold right there.  But spending 2 hours with Jimmy one on one each week (ALONE!) is often the highlight of the week.  We have been talking about when we first met, telling funny stories, talking about how to better communicate with each other and learning just how important it is to make sure no matter how hectic life can get (and will be with 2 kids) that its so important to carve out time for each other and our marriage.  It's such a good reminder for us and makes me just love him more that he's willing and committed to doing things like this together!

With that said, I have to highlight really quick some of the top moments from the past year:

- Buying our first car (aka minivan) together 
- Buying our second house that is our dream!
- Seeing our little baby turn one and into a toddler 
- Finally finishing grad school after so much support from him!
- Subsequently also finding out we were expecting baby #2!!!
- And then soon to follow that I got a new job....
- Then most recently that Jimmy got a new job

Whew.  I'm tired from just writing about the "highlights" of our third year of marriage!! But you know what?! It was a great one.  A year that we will never forget and really thankful we'll never have to relive because to be quite honest- we are both tired!!  Tired and in love- so I guess that's all you can ask for!

I'm excited to kick off year number four of marriage with his crazy guy with him turning the big 3-0 next week and then welcoming our sweet baby girl just a few months later!!  

Happy anniversary, Jimmy!!!  While I might never be this skinny again (thank you non-stop pregnancy), I will let you kiss me like this any day of the week!!

Or this - as long as it's nice outside and all my best friends are in black dresses randomly throwing up flowers being excited for us.  I think we can get them to oblige, no?!

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  1. Brittany, I'm a super creep ball but I just figured out we go to the same church! Is it weird to recognize someone from the internet? Yes, I think so. Ha! I grew up going to school with Vanessa and it seems we know a lot of the same ppl. I also know your sis in law Hillary from way back in the day. I need to come say hi when I see you next.

    1. Carli - you are so not a creep!! I feel like I do that too - so no worries :) And yes - you need to say hi when you see us at church - we would love to make some new friends that live out this way for sure!!! And if you know Vanessa and Hillary we are already pretty much BFFs then in my book ;)