Friday, April 25, 2014

Five on Friday - Sewing for baby

And all of a sudden it's Friday again.  I feel like the weeks are just flying by.  SLOW DOWN.  Before we know it, it will be July and this baby will be here soon!

Sorry to be boring again with nursery stuff.  But that's all I have been thinking about and working on after little man Charlie goes to bed.  Cutting, measuring, sewing, repeat.  Project after project.

It's quite amusing to me that I stood in Target at the beginning of this "design girl nursery" project and said - I'm going to be super easy on myself this time and just buy everything off the shelf.  No need to make stuff like I did for Charlie's room.  She'll never know.  Simple and sweet.

Of course it's turned into the complete opposite and Jimmy likes to remind me of that every night when I ask him to come upstairs and help me cut something.  But oh well - I'm excited to see how it turns out!!


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First sewing project that was completed tonight?  Crib sheet.  I used this great tutorial to make it from a large coral sheet from target.  The hardest part?  Stringing the elastic.

But check out how it turned out.

Check check.  And I think I'll make a few more since it was quite simple!!


Cover the ottoman.  Ok - so really this is a box that my dad built for models to stand on at my sister's work event - but by adding 4 inches of thick foam from JoAnn's, with some batting and covering, it shall be baby girls ottoman.  I mentioned two weeks ago I was going to find some burlap fabric - I ordered online and it came in yesterday.  And it doesn't match at all.  So I think I'm going with these sheets my mom got on super sale at Ross that match.  This is what I'm going to try to make as a slip cover, but still have the ability to take off and wash - as it's in a child's room and shall likely get dirty.


Also, I'm all about ruffles these days.


Crib skirt - which is now ruffled.  Oh yes, I was planning on doing a plain skirt, like I did for Charlie's, and while I was cutting the fabric - just thought I'd look up ruffled crib skirts.  TO make the room a bit more feminine.  And oh my.  I fell in love.  So simple goes to much more complicated, but after many hours on Pinterest, I think I have come up with a stellar plan that I'm super excited about.  A little bit from each of the wonderful blog posts on my research.

Here's the inspiration that I finally landed on.



Table cloth. Yep, instead of going on the hunt for a cute table, thought I'd be a little more thrifty and use the round table that we already have as an extra.  We have one in Charlie's room and it's works just fine - so I'm going with it and making a matching table cloth.  Going with the coral fabric and probably going to add some fun little fringe things to the bottom.



Other non-sewing projects to add to the list:
Changing pad cover?  I already got a Carter's bumper that is super soft that we won't use until later.
What about wall hangings?

Ok - that's all the list I have for now.  I did finish the wooden balance that is covered with coral now and will have long panels of the fun graphic print that ties it all together (my aunt is making the panels), so that's good!  But I need to finish all this up ASAP because it's MUCH harder to get on the ground and measure/cut things and I have to study for my Series 7 test.  Asap.  All to-dos before her arrival.

In other news - Charlie is quite the dancer these days.  It's hysterical.  He does it at home, at school, in the street (ok, not really).  But apparently he also enjoys putting on the tutu at school and running around.  Who knew?  sounds like it's a really good thing we'll be adding a little girl to our family.

Jimmy thinks it's embarrassing - but I think he's a kid and he has lots of girls in his class that he wants to impress - so why not wear a tutu and dance around?  Ha!

Happy Friday and happy sewing!

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  1. Wow, you have put a LOT of work into making her room beautiful! I love the color of the crib sheet!

  2. uhh you're so talented! way to go on that crib sheet, too cute!