Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Master bedroom on a budget

Do you think it's weird that I have spent time decorating our master bedroom versus pouring my heart and soul into the nursery?  Yes, I think so too.  However - after being in our house since August and having really NO rooms "done", I started to feel the itch and started trying to piece together our master bedroom on a budget and working with the same paint color (while we actually don't mind painting - this room would be really hard because of the double vaulted ceiling thing and I was already making Jimmy paint the nursery).

And here it is.  I went with neutrals and a pop of color - yellow to be exact.  I actually feel like baby girl's room will be similar actually with just coral and orange substituted for yellow.  So maybe it was my sub conscious working?  But I have to say I'm very happy with the results and the budget that it all came out at.  And I'm going to go ahead and say that I'm guessing after baby girl arrives, this room won't be touched for several years - so I'm glad I like it.

First off, I already posted about the pictures and the inspiration from pinterest I found here.  The real start was the Threshold sheets from Target I got on sale (and have since seen on the show Parenthood) that I really like that are now discontinued (bummer!).  And I just went with the colors from there.  The middle pillow we actually got as a wedding present - so that's awesome!

I got the fabric for the curtain valances from target.com and it's a table cloth - yep, you read right, a table cloth I cut up.  Pretty awesome, as it comes with sides that are already sewn!

PS do you like my crooked bed side lamp?  It's taped on the bottom with black electrical tape #ghetto

So I really wanted some wall hangings on the wall by the windows and actually had some canvases that used to be over the bed in our old house that I painted way back in 2010:

I would say I for sure got a good ROI for these babies...4 years later, they are still hanging in our bedroom just now they are covered in yellow, white, gray and beige fabric.  And I pretty much love them.  PS - this is a target table cloth too, but apparently is sold out online.  Boo.  I know, I'm weird, but it's a cheap and easy way to find good fabric!!!

We like it so much, we are thinking of getting a matching shower curtain too that will keep the hot shower air in (since our shower is open).

Then we move onto my fun wood working project that I did.  And covered with the table cloth as well.  The little bench to go under my vanity.  I'm in love with it.  And so is Charlie.  Like he climbs on it and sits and takes everything out of my drawer and pretends to wash his face and put make up on and brush his hair.  Jimmy thinks it's weird - but I love it.  You know what, he loves me and wants to do what I do...and he's 20 months old!!  Plus he can already throw and loves basketball - so he's all boy.  

Here's a better shot of the bench.  It was super super easy and cheap for the wood.  I also took one of my drawers to Home Depot so they could match the paint color - which is perfect because I've already used it a few times since and will be using it for some nursery projects too!

Bench sans Charlie.

Oh lala.  You see that rug?  Oh yes, that beauty peaking out was courtesy of my mom.  Apparently she bought it like 4 years ago randomly in Topeka or Wichita when she was out shopping/traveling for work (ha!).  She really tried to get gray/yellow color scheme in her house, but couldn't quite make it work.  So she told me she was bringing it over and it would be perfect.  I laughed when she told me that a 5X7 rug could fit in our bathroom.  Mainly because our old master bathroom in our old house was smaller than 5X7 and it has a toilet, shower and sink.  Well, apparently I underestimated just how big our stinking bathroom is.  Because it fits perfectly.  And seriously makes the whole thing so much better because I don't have to walk on the cold floor in the morning and during late night bathroom trips!

I still haven't done anything inventive with the toilet and shower area.  But here it is!  I seriously fell in love with this bathroom.  It still feels like a spa every time I use it.  And I mean seriously, you use your bathroom a lot - so I love it!

And just to finish off the rest of the room - here is our TV area with the double windows (and double valance I made).  I still don't quite have the built ins "accessorized" but with a child that loves to get into things - not quite going to happen!

I did hang one personal frame that lived in our old room.  A sweet medley of the pictures when we ACTUALLY got engaged at Clinton Lake that Jimmy's friend captured (versus our engagement photos)!  I love this frame and was so happy to find a home for it over Jimmy's dresser.

Case in point as you see my little man climbing on the step stool playing with all the light switches, the alarm system and the thermostat.  However, it did keep him occupied for a while.  The down side?  He did fall off once.  He was not happy (and not hurt, thank goodness) and got right back up.  I have to say that he does have quite the will power.

So there you go.  I think all of these things probably were $100-$150, including the sheets, table cloths (for stool and curtains), I already had the frames, bought the knobs, got the rug for free and for the wood.  All in all - I'm pretty pleased and am hoping that baby girl's room will be around that much as well!  We are making great progress on that in terms of some cute stuff AND the budget!!!  Wahoo!

One room done - oh my, what feels like a million to go! 

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  1. Looks so good! ps - I want your bathroom!

  2. So beautiful! Yall's bathroom is AMAZING! xx

    1. Thank you!!! It is fun to have such a bigger space from our old house!!!

  3. What an amazing master bedroom/bathroom! And even more amazing with all your additions! I'm super jealous! P.S. - I'm glad Brantley isn't the only boy that likes to play with his mommy's girlie things! Headbands, bracelets, and my hairbrush are his favorites and I'm always telling Craig that it's totally normal because it's what he sees me do!

  4. Looks so peaceful and relaxing. Having a cozy and comfortable space is important!