Friday, April 4, 2014

Five on Friday!!

All I can say is that I'm so glad this week is over!  It was a crazy one!


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I'm so excited to have my first day of PTO at my new job today.  While I have a good reason to have the day off (see number 2), I do have a short to do list with some errands to run sans child + husband!  So I'm excited and would LOVE to sneak in a nap.  Oh a nap.  What is that?

Headed to Home Depot, the eye doctor, the vet.  Oh joy!


I'm off work today to attend an event that my sister has poured her heart and soul into.  I'm so excited to go and see all her hard work she put in and raise some money for St. Luke's South and their emergency room.  Books and Boutiques!!  So proud of my little sister and all the great work that she has done in the non-profit world and now for her hospital!!  She's so awesome!!


I'm also excited for some family time! My aunt, Susan, is in town from Denver for my sister's event for the weekend.  Last time she was in town we had just got the contract on our house and Charlie was only about 12 months old.  Wow how things have changed!  One thing I know?  I won't be reliving our mom's weekend days that we used to have in April - at least not this year...but maybe next when I can have a few drinks!

Mom's weekend 2007


I ordered these cute ruler ticker marks and "Our Growing Family" sign for a DIY growth ruler.  I'm so excited!  I'm going to put it in our upstairs hallway and will mark it with Charlie's stats so far...then will add baby girl's when she's here.  I am so pumped!  She has such a fun etsy shop with good prices and she shipped it SO fast! Little Acorns by Ro - check it out!

Listing for these decals


Finally - just one cute Charlie picture of the leftovers of his pony tail that he got at school.  We obviously have some work to do with these pony tails with our baby girl.  But at least he had a good attitude about it!

Happy, happy weekend.  I'm excited for some family time, some sleep and some FUN!

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