Saturday, April 5, 2014

Twenty months old!

This is pretty much every night at our house: shirtless little boy because he loves to feed himself which gets quite messy.  I think it's pretty stinking cute - belly and all!

Height: saying still at 33.5" - we tried but failed to measure!
Weight: Still around the 26 lb mark (I think)
Clothing Size: 24 month and 2T
Shoe Size: after kicking shoes off - we moved to size 7
Number of Teeth: 16+ (this is actually really hard to tell!)

So this is a few days late - but the months just seem to fly by.  And all of a sudden you are 20 months old and it's April.  How does that happen?  It means 2 things - in just 4 short months, you will be 2 but also will be a big brother.  Needless to say, these next 4 months are going to fly by I have a feeling, so we are going to live up our time as a family of three until our sweet baby girl decides to join our fun!!

You are starting to talk a lot more and say a lot more words - so that's been really fun!  You repeat funny words and are understanding things so much better.  You are such a good listener (when you want to be) and are helpful doing little tasks like throwing stuff away, putting your diapers in your diaper pail, helping mom change the laundry and carting around the laundry basket.  It's so fun to see you learning and understand how things in the world work.  A couple of times when I pick you up from school, I ask you to pick up books or toys on the floor and you always oblige.  It's so sweet!

Luckily, you are back to loving bath time.  Mainly because dad is so fun and you just love bubbles.  So instead of saying "no" every time we ask you if you want to take a bath, we just say bubble bath and you get so excited about bubbles and almost run upstairs.  It's pretty cute!

You just LOVE being outside.  You don't quite understand this crazy Kansas weather when it's 70 degrees one day and then 32 the next.  So when we don't let you go outside because it's too cold - you throw quite the fit.  Thankfully, when you are distracted - you do seem to get over it.  But you do like to throw fits every once and a while.  Like on the floor kicking and screaming.  Or just whining for no reason.  Your dad and I aren't trying to be mean, but we do ignore you as long as you are fine.  And it's funny because eventually you stop.  It's still hard to hear you upset - but dude - you're fine!!!!!  Rationalizing with a toddler is not the easiest!!! 

Overall, it has just been so fun to see you grow and change and get cuter by the day.  You are so sweet and still love to snuggle.  I love that you love to sit on my lap and dance with your dad and kiss your dogs.  And I love that you lay on my belly for long periods of time, touch it with your hand and kiss it.  I'm still not sure you understand there is a baby in there - but I just know you are going to be a loving big brother!  Bring on month number 21 - it's going to be a busy and wonderful month!!!!!! Just like every month has been so far - it's pretty crazy how fast you've changed and how you have transformed into a little boy!

We love you!
Mom and Dad
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