Monday, April 28, 2014

Preschool Prom

I know - what in the heck, right?  Preschool prom?  I said the same thing.

But oh my goodness - I'm so happy that (a) his school has something like this and (b) that we went.  It was hilarious and amazing and overwhelming all at the same time.   P.S. He's not in "preschool" yet, but they are pretty adamant about calling themselves a school at all ages, so we go with that language, just in case you are confused!  He's not even 2 yet! 

The theme was "disney" and believe it or not - this kid has nothing Disney to wear.  Like not even a simple Mickey shirt or anything.  We are way more into Sesame Street, Elmo and Frozen (which yes I understand is Disney, however, I didn't think a boy Frozen shirt was ok at this point - but I do let him belt it out!).  I wanted to go all out on a costume.  We debated Gaston from Beauty and the Beast because Jimmy has a sweet brown mullet wig.  Throw on a red shirt, black pants, boots and a belt and call it a day.  Yeah - except for the fact that kid wouldn't keep the wig on.  Too bad.

So a stop at Kohl's and finding a 50% off Disney 2T shirt from Planes made our day.  Talk about last minute.  Our last resort was going to be the Disney store at the mall - and for our budget's sake, I was happy we found this!

And he pretty much loved it and told everyone he had airplanes on his shirt and made a VRROOM noise and waved his arms like an airplane. So it all worked out.

When we got there, which the location was at a nearby elementary's school gym, this was the first thing we saw.  So of course, to try to sugar him up to get his dance moves going and booty moving, we gave him a cookie.

However, after we walked to the dance floor and pretty much saw the cutest thing ever...Charlie of course wanted NOTHING to do with dancing.  At all.  I was very sad he didn't want to show off the
 moves he's been showing us all week.

He was quite content in my arms eating a cookie.

Cute, but talk about a let down.  Even his teachers were bummed because he'd been dancing all week in class!!

So instead, we tried to get him used to all the people that were there and headed to the photo booth.  

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw one of the 3 pictures.  Let's just say that Charlie doesn't quite understand the "1, 2, 3 - SMILE" that goes along with photo booths yet.  You would think after 2 weekends in a row he would, but nope.  Evidenced below.

However, it was hilarious and left us a great memory again!

We made our way around the is a glimpse of the dance floor set up.  Pretty cute!!

There was also a professional photo thing set up.  They had the same thing at the Halloween party, so I am guessing to actually take home a picture was like $5.  Which isn't bad if you can get a cute picture of your kid.  If you notice below, the attempt at that failed - yep, we didn't even get one picture.  Which was fine.  We took professional family pictures that night, so I was hoping he would save his smiles and "poses" for then.

We had been there awhile and figured, he would now be just dying to dance.  So Jimmy started busting moves on the dance floor with Charlie.  And he wouldn't let go and wasn't quite having it.

But I mean - look at all those other cute kids.  They looked like they were having a good time, right?  

So give it a year and he will too?  #thatswhatwetellourselves

 And then the Cha-Cha slide started - and the owner and teachers made their way to the front of the dance floor (the owner was Cruela DaVille and some of the teachers were dalmatians - pretty cute!)

We tried to get him on the floor for at least a little bit...

But as you can see in the picture below - that went well.

But then he found a balloon and life was good.  

The remainder of the time, he chased a balloon.  Then some older kid took it from him and he came back to me like "WTF?" and I told him to suck it up and find a new one, because yes, I'm the meanest mom ever. Then he went to the ones taped on the display and started trying to pull them off - so I went on the hunt for one that wasn't attached.  When I found one.  Life was good.

The last fun thing?  They did the limbo.  Which was pretty stinkin cute. 

It made me excited for next year's prom as I have wishful thinking that Charlie and his friends will be center stage dancing the day away.  And baby girl will be rocking it in the baby carrier.

It was overwhelming because oh my goodness, there were so many kids in one place having so much fun.  And I cannot imagine what these teachers do everyday and am so thankful for them and their patience!!  His friend, Lucy, was there and she was looking cute in her Snow White costume...but I think next year more of his friends will be there and maybe he'll have a date?  Haha, jk.  I'm happy to be his date for as long as he wants.  

But like I told my friend Ali via her Instagram comment, he might have an issue getting a date if he is such a party pooper next year (and years to come!)

Overall - we had a freaking blast and feel so lucky to have found this school and his wonderful teachers!  He has been so happy there and so have we.  While it can be a little pricey (like all daycare, especially when you have 2), we are excited for baby girl to join there in October as well!!

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  1. Sounds like a fun night despite Charlie cooperating, LOL, but don't feel bad, my son would be the EXACT same way!