Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jimmy Jam turns 30

Today, my wonderful husband who likes to self-assign nicknames, turns 30 years old.

It's been a whole three decades since his mom, Sue, brought him into this world, to join his three older brothers.  Three decades have passed as this sweet little red haired boy transformed from a toddler to a kid to a young man to a man.  Yep, at 30, he is officially a man, right?

It's funny to me to look at him that way since I've only known him for a little over 8 years.  Because he's been grown up that whole time.  It has got me wondering just what he was like when he was Charlie's age? (As sweet Charlie is sure pushing our parenting limits right now!!). But I have no doubt that little Jimmy pushed those same limits with his parents growing up.

And you know what?  Jimmy turned out pretty amazing.  So in those times when Jimmy and I give each other the "yes, this is our child" looks as he throws toddler fits...there is hope.  Hope and faith that he has pretty much the most amazing male role model to look up to and if he turns out like Jimmy at 30- we couldn't ask for anything more as parents.

I'm so proud of my man for all the wonderful accomplishments he's achieved in the last 30 years.  I feel so lucky to get to come home to him every night, raise our family together and that he's my permanent roommate- whether he likes it or not!!  Ha!

So Jimmy Jam, STA boy, whatever you want to call yourself with your self proclaimed nicknames- I hope you have the best day and weekend celebrating these wonderful 30 years of your life!!!!  I know I cannot wait to spend the next 30 by your side!!  Love you babe!!!

Here's some fun pictures I just had to share - because a 30th birthday is not complete without some embarrassing pictures right??  And I have a birthday in between my 30th still - so I'm guessing you'll forget about it by then!  Or your memory just won't hold up anymore, right??

My sweet red haired boy and his family!
And those same Carter boys all grown up.  The more kids I have, the more I realize what a saint Sue Carter is

Back tracking a bit to when Jimmy had HAIR!!! AH!!

And we can't leave out Jay and his hair....
And then we have Jimmy and his first baby - Toby!  Who still sleeps in our bed :)
Toby and the boys
Jimmy and Dave - looking like boys at the Wheel.  Both turned 30th within a week of each other
Jimmy and Dave a little more grown up
Grown up Jimmy and Chris sipping their drinks in the pool acting cool!
Then we move onto Jimmy and Brittany stages of our relationship:

OKC trip - after college graduation with not a care in the world!
That time he turned 26 on our honeymoon and he thought that was OLD.
When we used to be funny and dressed up like I was pregnant and were a little white trash for Halloween

Then that time I really WAS pregnant

Jimmy holding his "second" son..but first human son, Charlie Carter

And finally - our family out celebrating his 30th birthday at Oklahoma Joe's tonight - with baby #2 baking away in mom's belly.

While he still acts about 10 years younger than me from a maturity standpoint (which I will appreciate most of the time since he keeps thing fun)...seeing Jimmy transform into the role of husband and dad has been pretty amazing.  I'm looking forward to his new role this summer of "girl dad".  I know he'll rock that too - just like he's rocked every new role that has come his way over the last 30 years!!  Muah!

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  1. I think our husbands are a lot alike! Mine acts 10 years less mature, sings and dances to his own tune around the house, and makes up silly nicknames. And they're both Jayhawk, Royals, and Chiefs fans with little hair. :) fun to have a family with five kids - ALL boys!