Sunday, July 5, 2009

And I try to be nice!!

So while I was enjoying my trip to Target tonight---and you know, picked up some random towels that I didn't need....I guess when you become a homeowner it's easier to justify buying those instead of new shoes, right?--- I made it to the dog toy/food aisle. I figured since Milly and Willy were really good this weekend and considering we left them locked up in their kennel during fireworks and they were probably scared, for our movie night in tonight (that involved me, Lauren, M&W) they deserved some new toys!

I got Willy a Kong to put peanut butter in because he doesn't really like toys...but he loves any kind of food and I got Milly a squeaky toy with a rope on it because she loves squeaky toys! Once I got the peanut butter in the Kong, Willy took about 5 mintues to eat it out of there and was incredibly mean and growled at me when I tried to take it away. And THIS is what Milly did. She just destroyed it instantly and then just was over it after she ripped out the squeaky part. And all I was doing was try to reward them---but I'm left cleaning up her mess!!

Being so innocent---yeah right.

The left overs of Milly's toy. Ha- it didn't stand a chance. She's so silly.

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