Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And we have a hole....

With all the wonderful things that seem to be happening in my life lately, last Wednesday as I'm going home from work just as happy as can be because I won't be returning again until the following Tuesday..I'm chatting with my mom on the phone and she asks if I heard about what was going on at my house today. I said I hadn't, but I thought my dad, Evan, and Jimmy would just be working away on the bathroom. Then she spills the beans: Jimmy fell through the ceiling today and there is a huge hole. what kind of response does that merit?? Here is what I saw when I arrived home that afternoon...

Since the floor was gone in the bathroom, they hadn't put down any plywood yet because they were going to insulate it first. Apparently Jimmy slipped on one of the beams and fell through the ceiling--and almost landed on his junk. I did remember to ask if he was ok midway through yelling at him...and once I found out that he was, then onto the lecture. Regardless of what I said, there was a huge hole in my family room (aka man-cave) ceiling and I knew that since my dad was leaving for Africa in 2 days that the hole would probably be there for a while!! And guess what? It still is :) Jimmy did put some sheetrock over it...

Here is a shot after the floor was down. Too bad that wasn't there earlier!!

But the good news is....the "little too small" window was successfully installed and looks great from the inside and out! It did take them longer than the hour it said it would take to install, but I know they had to make it work!! Great job guys- a $68 window!!

And finally- I give you Jimmy (and Willy of course). This was his week off in between jobs, but I'm pretty sure he was more excited to go to work and would have rather been there then doing all the stuff he was doing at our house!! And thanks to Evan for being our designated plumber--he has been a ton of help!!!!
For now, most of the sheet rock is hung, the shower base is in and all the plumbing was replaced. We even installed an extra shower head- so now we have for me that's just my height and one for Jimmy. It always bothered me when I got into the shower and he had showered last because the shower head was so high up the water would hit me in the eyes. Problem solved I guess!! We also got the tile to do the floor and walls around the shower, now we just need someone to tell us how to do that. AND- I need to decide on a vanity. Needless to say, I've been pretty indecisive about that and it's making Jimmy angry. But I want to make sure I love it!!! Stay tuned for the next episode of "Brittany and Jimmy are crazy and are trying to re-do everything @ once on their new house"

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