Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Improvements thus far!

All right- here are a BUNCH of house pictures of all the great things that Jimmy, my dad, and I have been up to :) Enjoy. And let me tell you- they are doing so awesome. It's been so great to see the transformation.....while I haven't been in the best mood about all the work going on (and what's still left)...I'm loving the results.

The new front view of our house- no bushes overtaking the front or rail road ties!

Our new snazzy front porch! Way to go Rog...he designed this himself. While the railings are not on yet, it still looks great!! He was devastated to leave for Iowa without this done!

Jimmy and my dad's hard work on the retaining wall in the front. After we get these nasty stumps out...can't wait to get my green thumb going (or try!)

New garage door- made a huge difference. The other one was literally falling off.

Ahh---our new fence that Jimmy and my dad put up!! We had a 6ft fence on 2 other sides and a 4ft chain length on this one. Toby jumps over this is our solution. I love it!

The man cave. Can't really see the new beer fridge- but Jimmy's excited about it.

Wahoo!!! The 1/2 bath is complete. Look @ that ORANGE!! Nice pick Jim!

The guest room!! No longer does it have that kids border and the green trim!! Love it.

My FAVORITE project that was completed this weekend- a new door on our master bathroom. The only one swung into the bathroom that is already freaking small, so when the door was open it made is super super small. $30 later (with a few modifications from the dream team aka Roger and Jimmy) we have a new door!

This is me- happy with all the work that was done. Of course Milly and Willy are just THRILLED as well!
That's all. Next is just finish the concrete where we ripped it all out then get new countertops and PRESTO = new house!

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