Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What will tomorrow bring? (the wedding version)

Now I know you were hoping that this post was going to be full of pictures of the latest home improvement projects that were completed- but that will be coming tomorrow. I have to take pictures for my dad and send them to the WalMart in Iowa so he and my grandparents can pick them up and oh and ah over his work---so I'm taking those tonight and they will be uploaded to the PC tomorrow. Get excited.

No, this blog post is about our wedding. I KNOW. Can you believe I have dedicated a whole post to the wedding planning? Haha. I am not going to lie, I have been taking my time with the process. Not because I'm not excited for getting married- more because I say a secret prayer every night hoping that tomorrow morning I will wake up and it will all be done for a big "book" will appear on my front porch (the NEW front porch!) titled: "Jimmy and Brittany are tying the knot.....Brittany, all you have to do is show up!". Then on the inside next page it says "Brittany aka Bride to be....someone has pretty much read your mind (including details/ideas/things that you have NEVER even thought about!) and your entire wedding is planned! Congrats to you! All you have to do is show up on April 10 to marry the man of your get back to real life and take a load off". HM---that would be nice. Unfortunately I have slowly come to the realization that this whole fake book thing I just made up in my head probably won't happen- so I've but on my happy face, strapped on my wedding planning boots, and I'm off- budget spreadsheet in hand of course (if you know me at all, it probably isn't news to you that a budget spreadsheet was the first thing done and my favorite thing about this process!! I know I know, I'm weird)!!

Anyways, here are some big accomplishments completed in the last week:

1) Booked the DJ- met with him, loved him (I secretly already loved him, but just wanted Jimmy to as well). He's the Jeffer from the Q104 morning show and I freaking love that show, love him and his DJ company, and best yet...he has a 30 year old, 5ft man that is from the Philippines that works for him and dances. Cool.

2) Booked the photographer- sending in the contract and deposit for that today! Can't wait to send that off. Jimmy and I met with the Hendersons on Sunday afternoon and knew that it was the perfect fit. Not only does their package offer everything we want, but it's at the perfect price. Plus- they are the sweetest couple ever and their work is pretty cool too. We both walked out after meeting them knowing we had to book them ASAP. Check out their website and blog:

3) I'm trying on wedding dresses tomorrow. I know. A whole day off work (that actually seems more busy and chaotic then actually going to work) to try on dresses and stare at myself- haha ok I'm excited. I think I have an idea what I want, but who knows. My mom, Mrs. Carter, and Lyndsay are all going---so I'm sure everyone will have their opinions. The good thing is there is no pressure to buy. This is kind of like a pre-wedding dress purchase trip. I just want to try stuff on to see what style/cut/neckline/train/every single other thing that goes into a wedding dress that I cannot freaking keep straight I want :) On July 31, Brides Against Breast Cancer will be in I have an appointment to look at the dresses they have there. All the proceeds to the sales of those dresses go to benefit breast cancer research, and I cannot think of any better place to the money I spend on my wedding dress to go. Here is this website for more info on this program:
Also, here are some entertaining wedding dress pictures I found that I had to share. I'm thinking I will not end up in either of these...but I'm not promising anything. You never know, I could get caught up in the moment!

I wonder if they have this in lime green?

I'm thinking I will need a bigger wedding party if I pick this one!!

4) Meeting with our caterer to talk about preliminary stuff and decorations in the commons area is set for next Tuesday. That will be fun. Not anything like the taste test we did a few weeks ago (YUM) but I'm excited to see her ideas for stuff- but yeah, I have none.
5) Bridesmaid dresses- Barb picked some up that she found on sale (gotta love her for those bargains- glad she has that trait and chose to pass it down to me!). I actually do really like them, but they will have to be altered because the sizes that were available were a little bigger than most of my we're weighing the costs and benefits of buying them on sale and just getting altered.
In other bridal news (that I know you are dying to hear), I have now been doing Bridal Bootcamp for 4 weeks 8 sessions. I love it. And they just bumped it up to 3 times per week because some of the brides in the bootcamp are getting married real soon...but I'm psyched because I like it so much that I'm actually excited to do it 3 times/week. And I like it even more because Molly joined!!! She had her first session on Monday...and I am pretty sure I wanted to cry for her because I remember my first week. I literally couldn't walk after. But once you get going and do it regularly the results are awesome! I'm glad I have a partner now because it makes it much more fun!!!
Well, that's all I have. Nothing too entertaining, but I guess that's just what you get when you are planning a wedding. I did have a really bad experience with a photographer that we interviewed sending me 3 page hate email after we told them we decided to go with someone else. He had a pony tail longer than mine, so I guess that's not an unexpected response. Peace out.

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