Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Willy's funny behaviors

I love Willy. Even though everyone laughs when I say I have a 23 (sometimes up to 25) pound wiener dog, he's still my little baby and he's just so freaking adorable and loving. Most mornings when I wake up, Willy has somehow positioned himself to be laying RIGHT next to me with his head on resting on my arm. And then sometimes I wake up and he's laying on the pillow next to me (like a person) sleeping and then when he hears me move he wakes up and looks at me. I think that means he just really likes me. I'm not even going to get into his love for food....but I do promise to post a video of him eating very soon. It is quite the site to see. What is even better is when he eats the food out of Milly's bowl because he knows that is bad and not allowed but if I walk away for a split second and it's sitting there, he will devour it. Sometimes he even just does it when I'm sitting he wants to rub it in my face how chunky he is and likes food and nothing will stop him. are a few funny things. The other day I took Milly and Willy on a quick walk before boot camp because they were cooped up in the kennel all day for the first time in a long time because my dad went to Iowa last week (usually he's working on the house and they get to run outside). Well, I thought I knew a good way to go that would provide them with a nice, brisk walk that was not too long---they have incredibly small legs and it was REALLY hot that day, so they get overheated and tired pretty fast. Turns out, the way I went was a lot longer---so we ended up on Roe and at that point I was carrying Milly and I thought Willy was going to have a stroke--but he's like super heavy so he has to walk (I know, I'm mean). As we made our way dogs following behind me slowly I finally put Milly down and attempted to pick Willy up. About 40 steps later, he was back on the ground and I had to give him the "I'm sorry babe, you're just a little too big for mommy to carry you for a long time" face. He did not like that, but what can you do? So we got home and after the dogs drank 2 bowls of water, Willy found his new favorite place to hang out when he's hot- the cold hardwood floor next to the air vent by the front door! So funny when I found him here, I had to snap a picture :) I just love him!

Second story- a quick one- happened this morning. With my shower gone now (that is an upcoming blog post later when I have time), I got up a little earlier and showered in Lauren's shower and was happy with how fast I was getting ready this morning. So the dogs and I did our usual routine but when I let them back in right before they were supposed to go in their kennel, once I gave Willy a treat he disappeared. I heard his feet briefly on the hardwood floor so I figured he had run upstairs. But the guest room door and my door were both closed (which contain his 2 favorite beds to hide under) so I went into Lauren's room to look for him- after putting the cooperative Miss Milly in the kennel. I looked in her closet, under the bed...he was no where to be found. So I began searching his favorite hiding spots around the house. At this point it about 10 minutes after the time I should leave for work....still can't find him. I tell Lauren that he's missing so she checks under the bed again and lo and behold he is under her bed at the very back corner hiding behind 2 black duffel bags. Funny- but now I have to get him out.
So in my nice black shirt that is lent free that I'm wearing to work, I lay on the ground and slowly shimmy my body under Lauren's bed (barely fit!). Since he's at the back corner, at this point I am all the way under her bed with duffel bags in my face reaching aimlessly for his collar to pull him out. I finally find it while searching with my hands, and my chunky little wiener dog emerges from under the bed with a very innocent look on his face. Now I would get mad because at this point, I'm late to work, I have lent all over my black shirt from laying face down on the carpet...but he's just so freaking cute. So he just gets a "no" and acknowledgement that I now know where his new hiding spot is---so to trick me next time, he'll have to find a new one. Why do I love these dogs so much? Only dog lovers/wiener dog lovers will ever understand I guess :) (Right Carly?!)

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