Friday, July 31, 2009

Wedding obsession

This blog that my dear friend Erica Snyder introduced me to is exactly what it says in the title: my new obsession. She sent me this link to the posts relating to "A Modern, Traditional Wedding" (there are about 4 different ones) and said simply "Thought you'd be interested in some of these pics"----and boy was she right!! I literally couldn't stop BEAMING when I looked at the posts. It's everything I ever imagined for our wedding with the color scheme...

So now I have it- pictures/inspiration/ideas/excitement to take to vendors, to think about, to share with our wedding planners, and everyone else who wants to listen. I even love the favors that they gave...ties in just perfectly to Jimmy and my style. I have probably looked at these posts maybe 12 times since she sent them to me yesterday afternoon and my wedding notebook is starting to get filled up- while it has been sitting in my file cabinet the last few months. So thanks Erica for the inspiration and for everyone else planning their weddings- hope you can find some great ideas from this site!!!

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