Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shower Demolition: Surprise!

This is what I came home to on Wednesday afternoon--- my dad completed the front porch and other outside projects, so he decided to start on our bathroom. We did have a casual conversation that the next project should probably be the master bathroom because I wanted to take down the 1/2 wall of tile that surrounded it and put up new sheet rock, get a new vanity, and a new toilet- but probably just leave the shower as is for now. Well, Roger seemed to have a plan of his own :) I guess when he started taking down the tile, it just started crumbling and then the tile around the shower corners all fell. SOOO....he decided to just gut the whole bathroom. Yeah, wasn't really expecting that!

This was taken on Wednesday afternoon- after Thursday, the old vanity, toilet and walls were all gone. Also, he just decided to take out the floor as well to start from scratch. So you know, go for it! So starting tomorrow morning, Jimmy and my dad have a completely blank slate to work with. With specific instructions from me of course :)

Jimmy and I went to Home Depot late Wednesday night and actually snagged an awesome deal on a window! I went earlier in the day, before bootcamp, to see what the average price of was a window and if we could install it ourselves. Right now we have a 34 X 23 inch opening/window in the shower that is wood. Wood + water = rot. Therefore, we have to replace the window. So I went and talked to a really nice guy @ home depot and he took me through their basic window inventory- because of course I didn't have the measurements of the window. He did mention that they had a window that was returned that was special ordered but then returned....after I got home and measured and found out that the "odd" size of window that was special ordered was 23 in and so was ours I knew we had to go back ASAP. When we got there, about 40 min before closing and 15 min past my bed time- I talked to the same guy and he ended up giving us the window at a huge discount because there wasn't a SKU accompanying it. SCORE. Then we bought our new vanity....I think we are planning to make it a little higher still by building up a base underneath but, but I'm excited about it!

Since Jimmy's last day of working in Topeka at Correct Care Solutions, was Thursday, he has this week off before we head to the Carter family lake vacation. But really, he will be hard at work finishing our bathroom before my dad heads off to South Africa for 2 weeks!! Hopefully they will be fast little workers and get everything done- because I want my bathroom back!!

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