Saturday, July 4, 2009

Finally!! He's the star of the blog :)

Ever since I started this blog, Jimmy asks me after each post "When am I going to be the *STAR* of the blog post?". My answer is always the same: "Do something blog/star worthy and you'll be the star!" As of Wednesday, July 1 Jimmy earned that right!! He got a NEW JOB!

After graduating from KU, he worked for Carter Glass a bit before starting at Correct Care Solutions where he was a Quality Improvement Analyst. The big downside to getting that job is that it is in Topeka- a whole hour drive to work and then an hour drive back. So needless to say, even if he LOVED the work he was doing, the drive gets really old fast for anyone. Well, he finally decided to give it a try and apply for jobs in KC, even in this rough economic state. We knew it wouldn't be easy for him switching jobs right now, but it was worth a try!!

While browsing online, I found a job opening that looked PERFECT for him! And the best part- it happened to be at the same company and same position as my best friend Emily. So after he applied, Emily worked her magic and put in a good word (Thanks Em!!). So after two rockstar interviews, he finally found on Wednesday (less that 24 hours from when his 2nd interview finished) that they wanted to offer him the job! Then he accepted :)

So what does that mean!?? Here a few wonderful changes from this job switch:

1) Instead of 1 hour each way commute his entire commute will not exceed 20 minutes (the office is in Corporate Woods)

2) In his new role as account executive, after he gets his own accounts, he'll be working with people much more than he ever got to in his old job. Less analysis and more relationships= perfect for Jimmy!!

3) A pay raise....both in salary AND in monthly expenses because he doesn't have to pay for gas to and from Topeka every day!

4) A fun working environment! While his old job had great people, this new office has a much younger crowd. And the great thing is, he has an insider to let him know how fun it is. Needless to say, those Friday afternoon company Wii tournaments that Emily would always tell me I'll have both of them to remind me how fun their office is!

5) Sales experience and thing that Jimmy has always been interested in is sales, but of course it's hard to get good sales experience! So with this job, he'll be working with his clients to up sell the services that his company. While I'm not sure how all of this works (Emily knows of course) it's pretty exciting and different!

6) My best friend Emily, just became his best friend too. I did warn her that working with Jimmy every day is pretty much the equivalent of Jimmy and me getting married because she'll probably spend just as much time during the week that I do!!

Anyways, I'm so proud of him!! And this is the perfect reason to make him the *STAR* of Just Another day in Paradise blog for one day!! :) He'll start @ Validity Screening Solutions on July 28---right after we return from our Carter vacation at the lake! Congrats babe!!

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