Monday, July 13, 2009

Short post but funny pic

One more short post to provide anyone who is looking for some afternoon entertainment (because I will be off to the dentist this afternoon!).

Please see below for the following hair do that Vanessa's bridesmaids will be wearing at her wedding on 11.20.09. We cannot wait. Thanks V for always looking for new ways for your bridesmaids to stand out!! This is per Heather's suggestion- I think Heather is having Vanessa lean towards the "Laura Ingalls Wilder" theme. If so- she's hit it right on! Its so intricate with detail that cannot be matched. We will all have to be at the hair salon around 6AM because this puppy will take all day for all of us to get done! Haha....I love it.

(Sorry for the weirdness of this post- but Heather and Emily crack me up through mass I had to share this wonderful picture. Long story leading up to this- but picture was too funny not to share) (And for Vanessa's sake- this will NOT be the actual hair do. Thank goodness)

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