Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Electrician in training

Having a dad that has some great handy man skills, throughout these DIY home renovation projects-- it's imperative that Jimmy starts picking up some of these skills---as having an in-home handy man is key :) So far, a few of the skills he has picked up from my dad- unless otherwise noted (FYI- I am now assuming he can do all these things):
  • Tiling (from Dave)
  • Demolition of a bathroom
  • Building a shadow fence
  • Building a retaining wall
  • Building a brick walkway
  • How to build a front porch (however, I wouldn't expect him to do this buy himself as he wasn't with my dad the whole time!)
  • Hanging up new dry wall/concrete board
  • And now...installing light fixtures

While my dad did the dirty work on installing the new chandelier in the dining room- thankfully replacing the horrific previous one that was not only gold but had fake dangling crystals (gag!), after my dad left, I had Jimmy use his newly learned skills right away to replace the 2 hall light fixtures. He did a great job and he is a such a fast learner!!! So I'm thinking he can add "electrician" to his home repair resume, right?

Here he is very happy to be installing this- this was on the second one I had him do....when I originally told him only the one. But I mean why not just finish it while everything is out, right??

Hard at work- look at those skills!!

Hmmm- love the new light fixtures!!

And ta-da! The new dining room light. Does wonders to the feel of the room!

Thanks to my dad and Jimmy- the house is now slowly emerging from the 1970s.....

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  1. Your new hallway light fixture looks exactly like ours'!