Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hallway painting: completed

Sunday last week, in the midst of everything going on, when I arrived back home from the FABULOUS weekend reunion with the Pi Phis, Jimmy was at the Chiefs game, Lauren was gone, and I decided it was time to paint the hallway and entry way.  So I started taping.  Then on Tuesday we primed the walls and on Wednesday night we painted.  Done.  How was it that fast/easy?  I have no idea- but I like it!!  It seriously just made the hallway look so much cleaner and fresh.  But why the urgency?   Well I really wasn't in that big of a rush to do it...there was some nasty spots at the top of the wall from water damage way back when that really needed to be covered up....but then Jimmy so graciously pointed out that there were permanent dust shadows around 2 pictures frames on the wall that the previous owner had up.  Having to look at that walking to my bedroom everyday really increased my motivation to get it painted!!

Here is the new, clean color.  It's the same as our living room....and actually the same color as most of the walls in my condo!

Now is the fun part- you knew that was coming right?  Well, the dogs were also scurrying around during all of this fun.  (just an FYI so you don't think I'm not including him---Toby was not here during the painting, he was @ his grandparents chilling with Rockito)  But Wild Willy and Mischievious Milly were running all around the halls when we were trying to paint.  Now they have permanent marks to remember this day!!!  Oops...but it's kind of funny!

Milly got it on her ear- I'm not sure how, maybe just when she turned her head.  My dad was holding her the other night and asked how this extra "dapple" (which dapple is what her fur coloring is called) got on her ear.  Haha.  Oh Rog.  But then you have Willy who was wagging away with his tail and got paint on that.  They are so cute and crack me up :)

Here is just a picture of Willy being so cute I had to add.

But now that the hallway and entry way are done---one room remains untouched by paint....the MAN CAVE.  And believe it or not....that is our next project.  I want to get it done by Christmas so we can have a new mantle and a good place to hang our stockings!!!  So we'll see how that goes.  This wedding stuff is currently consuming my life, so I have to decide where my priorities/time will go.

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