Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Being a girl/woman

Why is being a girl so expensive?  Seriously?  Sometimes I just don't think it's fair.  Here is my current list of pros and cons of being a girl.  Cons are first of course....because that's the way I roll.  I like to end on a positive note.

*This all stems from my quick stop at Walgreens tonight in which I spent $50---what $50 at Walgreens you ask?  Oh yes, on stuff that is required when you are a girl.  Very true.


  • Period/Tampons-- yeah I know "WHOA" you are thinking.  But I mean, I started with the first real annoying one that comes to mind.  I won't go into details on the whole having a period every month (I'll spare everyone--including you Jim because I know how you feel about that topic).  BUT have you checked the price of tampons lately?  I mean  You have to make the decision...."do I buy tampons for the week or eat lunch?" because they are like $8/box or something crazy like that.  Take that time 12 months a year (you get $96.....following?) then multiplied by about 40 years (so yes, 96 * 40) and you get $3840 in your life you spend on that.  Ok so in a life time not that much, but I mean come on---you think it's annoying too.
  • Razors---I'm not a big fan of shaving my legs, etc but I do it regularly of course.  But holy cow---razors are EXPENSIVE.  I feel like I need to do a financial model with the cost of those things and the replacements and then throw in the time I spend shaving every day----add that all up and I'll see that investing in laser hair removal just might be worth it...
  • Hair---Every time I tell Jimmy I'm going to get my hair done, he's like "OH you're getting blond highlights??".  I respond, "No....I don't want them, plus they are too expensive".  He doesn't get HOW expensive.  He shaves his head.  When we first met I was 19 and still used Barb's money when I got my hair done, so highlights were an option.  Well, when I started paying for it.....welcome to Brittany....the permanent brunette :)  I'm so realistic it's sick.  How much do you pay to get your hair done??
  • Clothes/Shoes--- All you have to do on this one is go out one night and look around the room at every girl in the bar.  She didn't put on those designer jeans and new boots that she just HAD to have for the guys in the room.  Those my friend are so every other girl in the room can comment, be jealous and think she's super stylish.  So wait- I'm buying clothes and I get dressed up to impress other GIRLS?  Oh yes, it's oh so true.  Because guys don't notice that stuff at all.  Jimmy gets mad because I have so many boots.  They are all different colors- so why are there too many.  If I had 6 pairs of black boots that were all the same height, had the same toe shape, and heel....and the same textures then maybe I'd say it's ok that he's mad.  
  • Role of life organizer---while Jimmy is just the most amazing fiance ever (haha, I hope you're reading this), I have to say that I get rather frustrated because I think he tends to forget that WE are getting married.  Not just ME, as in I really don't want to go home every night after work and do wedding stuff for 5 hours or go shopping on my weekends to look for groomsman outfits...however, I do know that we are getting married in less than 5 months which means inevitably that there is a lot to do.  He's so good at doing what I set up/plan for us to do and going with me and having input---but it's another story when it's something that's completely up to him.  I haven't gotten really mean yet, but he saw a glimpse once and I think he got scared because he set something up that week :)  But it's not just a wedding's everything in your life.  Taking care of the house, doing laundry, taking care of the kids, cooking dinner, cleaning, etc.....and the list goes on and on.  While I do know that Jimmy is really my "partner" in all this and we will share these responsibilities, it is rather frustrating that this role is automatically passed onto the female.  Whatever, I'll live.  Only because of the pro.....
  • Being a woman-- The fact that you find someone that loves you for you and then you get to tell them what to do for the rest of your life.  How did we get so LUCKY? :)  Oh yeah, we are the woman.  Plain and simple....with oh so many hidden meanings and things I want to write here.  But I'm doing everything in my power to leave this SIMPLE.  

One more thing I love about being a woman is when people underestimate you because you are a woman---and then you prove them wrong.  In work, in life, in relationships, in love, in everything......

Ok, I'm glad I'm a girl.  Glad to get this out there on the table.  But it's still really expensive.  That's why I say a pray every night that I get cursed with the "Carter curse" and have all boys.

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