Thursday, November 19, 2009

Signed, Sealed, Set to Deliver

So as I quickly got over the label issue with our save the dates (see here if you have no idea what I'm talking about and are interested in knowing), I quickly jumped on wanting to get them out and put a HUGE check mark on that on the wedding to-do list.  With my first order of these almost a month ago, you can understand just wanting to be done!!

Last night, my mom, Jimmy and I completed the task.  All the labels were precisely applied, stamps stuck on and all that was left was to drop in the mailbox--which we did on our way back to my parents house!  Now my mom said "lets take a picture" as a joke.  However, I felt as it if was a momentous moment sending these out (as Jimmy said with a smile- there's no backing out now!!) and figured, why not?  We can make this a fun blog post.  So here you go.  Step by step---putting them in the mail box, set to go out as of 11:45AM this morning.  What a freaking sigh of relief.  Now ALL my attention can be focused on the wonderful events surrounding the wedding of my BFF this weekend.  And I got to address hers as "Chris and Vanessa Calcara" that's exciting!!

So without further ado....

This is me cracking up (with my mom cracking up behind the camera) because we realized how stupid Jimmy looks trying to get his arm out with the only 1/2 open window.  Sorry Jim!

And it's really happening....plopping them into the post office box.  Departure time: 11:45AM

So excited to be DONE with these!! Now onto the invitations.  If I would have realized that at the time of this picture....I probably would not be smiling as big :)

Thanks Mom for helping us put them together last night!!!

PS I look really tan in these pictures because I just got a spray tan last night for V's wedding.  Don't worry I'm usually a pastey white in the winter.

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