Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wedding breakdown #2..save the dates

Remember this post??  It was titled "Wedding Breakdown #1...of many to come I'm sure".  Well here is #2.  And again- I'm sure it won't end here :)

With less than 5 months remaining until the big day, on the very top of my list is getting the Save the Dates out because before I know it is going to be time to send invitations.  WELL- I have been diligently working on a little design of my own and got them printed by this website that's a steal when you're working with big #'s on the invite list.  The first batch was ordered on 10/31.  It came in the mail about 6 or 7 days later.  All 250 of them in a 3 lb box.  I opened them up found one tiny mistake (that I was assured only I would notice), loved them, went to Manhattan for Vanessa's bachelorette party.  I get home on Sunday night and I asked Lauren what she thought of them.  She says they look awesome, but is "accomdations" spelled right?  UM no.  No it's not.  Smart Brittany.  While you might think I would have freaked out, I was in a state of pure exhaustion from the weekend and new I would just reorder and no harm done just a few $$ down the drain right?

That Monday (11/9) my second order is submitted with a few $$ added for 2nd day air shipping in hopes getting them before the weekend.  Printed, shipped, tracking the UPS website diligently.  Yesterday they arrive (dry, thank goodness to a nice note Jim put on the porch).  I get home late from work because of an unheard of 5-6PM meeting, put on sweats, grab some dinner, my laptop, a pen, and plop down on the couch to start addressing them.  I start.  Then I stop.  The ink---it won't write on the postcards.  I try another pen, no luck.  I try a sharpie, no luck.  I could have SWORN that I clicked the box to indicate I wanted "no UV Coating" on the back of the postcard for this reason alone.  I check my order.  Nope, sure didn't.  However I have 250 other postcards that has incorrect spelling...but they have no UV coating on the back.

And then it happens.  The breakdown begins.  I start crying, slowly at first.  Then hard.  I call my mom- I'm sure she thinks I like got in a wreck or something by how hysterical I am (sorry mom), but by the time I blubber out what happened I think she gets it.  She tells me its ok.  I can order new ones.  I don't want to wait another week.  I want to be done.  She says try another ink.  I googled it- nothing writes and sticks on UV coated paper.  She says use labels.  I say I can't because it's not allowed.  I tell her I'm going to call Erica and see what she says.

I call Erica.  No answer.

I get on gchat- Jimmy is saying that labels are fine.  Sending me links to wedding boards that say it's not a big deal...save the dates are informal and fun...especially if it's not a super formal wedding or save the date.  Ok, yeah we have pictures of our dogs....so it isn't formal.  Ok, ok, I get it.  I gchat with Emily.  She says it's fine.  They will look awesome.  It's a blessing in disguise because my hand won't hurt from writing them and it'll look awesome.  Ok- she's right. 

I text Molly...etiquette queen in my book.  She says no one will notice.  It's fine.  Ok- I believe her.

Erica calls me back.  I say that I'm on my way to Office Depot to get clear labels and start my design.  She says that it will look awesome.  And no, it's not a big deal.  Erica works in PR...she knows these things.  I believe her.  I trust her.  They will look fine. (sorry Vanessa- I would have called you, but you're GETTING MARRIED ON FRIDAY! so I know you have plenty to worry about!)

I ask Lauren.  She says who cares?! Labels will be easier and guaranteed good "handwriting".  Yep.

I drive to Office Depot, now more calm.  Talking to my mom who continually reassures me it's ok.  I walk into the store.  There is no one around, some guy is cleaning the floors and as I mosey on over to the labels, the lights go off.  Hmmm...is it closed?  I track down the 1 of 2 workers there and ask him if they are closed.  Yep- 8 minutes ago at 8:08PM but if I know what I want I can get it fast!  I do.  I get the labels and head to the open register while a girl worker comes over to check me out.  Then I spill my guts when she says "did you find everything you need?".  She smiles and says she understands how weddings can be stressful- her sister got engaged 3 months ago and is starting all this.  Then she mentions that her sister kind of slowed down planning already because she just found out she's 4 months pregnant.

God sure works in mysterious ways.  I smiled and thanked her again for the 7th time for ringing me up after close.  But I was secretly thanking her for the story she just shared.  Yes, things could be worse.  I could me jobless with no $$ to pay for a wedding.  I could be really sick, my family could be sick.  I could be 4 months pregnant.  Instead, my save the dates have UV coating on the back of them that I cannot write on.

Yes, I drove home thanking my lucky stars that this was my biggest worry at that moment.  And you know what, the labels will look cool.  I will make it work.  There, inevitably, will be many more mishaps or things that don't go as planned during the next 4 and a half months.  This breakdown is just a prep course I think.  But I'll never forget the girl at Office Depot- who has no idea who's small talk story made me realize just how ridiculous I was being.  And I'm so thankful for my best friends and Jimmy and family because you know what...they are right.  No one will care I used labels.  No one will even notice.  And if they do....who cares!!!

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  1. B,

    I stand by my aforementioned recommendation. They will look wonderful. And your hand will appreciate that you made labels, rather than handwriting each one.

    Your PR friend