Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday= 5 day weekend!

There was LOTS going on this past weekend.  I need to break it out by day!

Tuesday (kind of the weekend, right?):

  • Booked rehearsal dinner location (wahoo!!)
  • Went to Hallmark Happy Hour
  • Katie arrived in KC and came over- we all stayed up way past my bedtime catching up!  While we chatted I made some awesome sugar cookies that looked like turkeys!

  • Carter family Thanksgiving!  Very fun and delicious as always.  I also FINALLY got to see the infamous video of Jimmy singing at the mere age of 2 and a half in front of his whole family at Christmas time.  It was pretty amusing.  I plan to use that as the promo video to entice our wedding guests to participate in karaoke...
  • I spent 5 hours working on our wedding invitations....while Jimmy went out.  Rough life he has.  
  • Actual Thanksgiving day!  Had a bit of an incident before our departure to my parents house.  Willy & Toby got in a fight in the back yard.  Neither Jimmy nor I know who started it...and no one will fess up.  All we know is that Toby ended up biting Willy on the shoulder and making him bleed.  That meant that Toby spent the day in the kennel and Willy (along with Milly of course) got to go over to my parents for the day to enjoy Thanksgiving.  He did however have to wear a bandaid.  It was sad.  I was sad.

  • We went out as a family to the Velvet Dog.  Since my sister just turned 21- that was a reason to celebrate!  I however, was a horrible direction giver and it took my car like 35 minutes to drive there because we got stuck in the Plaza light traffic!  But the night turned out fun...I think my sister had a little too much fun.  And of course Susan did too :)  She is doing Thriller in one picture.  Of course, Brett made some friends as well.

  • Granite estimate for our kitchen
  • Off to Home Depot & Kohls for Black Friday shopping
  • Realize the bridesmaid dresses that I want are on sale!!  Get sizes from all my bridesmaids and place the order :)  Big check on my to-do list!
  • Get menu prices back from caterer and finalize that!
  • Go to Burlington coat factory a long way away to get a size 8 flower girl dress...and I picked up a coat for myself as well
  • Jimmy runs off to the casinos for the day- comes back with a big $625 win.  I'm happy :)
  • Off to Gordon Biersch to eat dinner before Wicked!  The group- minus my mom & aunt!

  • Go see Wicked.........absolutely amazing
  • Every five seconds check facebook to see if Hillary & Bobby are officially engaged yet!!!
  • And they are!!!!!  Wahoo :)  Such a wonderful couple!  I'm so excited we get to be "official" sister in laws soon!  YEAH for great family!!!!!!

  • Went to O'Dowds to help celebrate with them after Wicked- very sad we could make it to the official after party, but SO happy we got to hang out with them!  What a great proposal Bob :)  Congrats you two!! I cannot wait for the big day!
  • Jimmy off to the KU/MU game
  • Brittany off to New Moon- AMAZING
  • Brittany off to Kate Swain's bachelorette party...which was great!  So fun to see all those girls again and help Kate celebrate her final night of "singleness"!  We had a blast.  Once someone posts a picture on facebook, I'll get it on here (that's my secret.  I really don't have all these pictures)
  • Sleep!!!  What a long weekend...
  • Day 1 of the install a fireplace mantle project.  This is replacing the paint the wood paneling project.  Long story, but I'm happy with the mantle for now!
  • Then time for the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie: A Dog Named Christmas.  In true Hallmarker spirit, my friend Jennifer had a watch party and it was great.  We had to leave 1/2 way through the movie because Jimmy thinks he's getting sick.  The second 1/2 was the best part!  There was a wiener dog (looked just like Willy but was a girl) and she had wiener dog puppies!  I was in love! Willy & Milly were watching it with me and loved it too!  It was a great plot that became that what the little boy did in the movie (fostered a dog over the Christmas holiday to get them out of the full shelter)...which is now something that you can do too!!  Click HERE for more information on how to foster a dog this Christmas if you are interested :)

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