Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dress up your dogs

Now as I have been slowly getting out all my Christmas decorations to put up---I have inevitably found lots of silly things I bought for my dogs to wear during the wintertime.  Last night, I decided to dress them up.  These pictures are dedicated to Chris Dawson- your wife tells me you really like my dog posts---so here you go!!! :)  Look at how adorable (and so cooperative haha) they are!

Bundling up for a snowy day.  Now we just need to get them some little booties.  Willy hates when his feet get cold!!

And here they are as Santa and his reindeer.  They were a little annoyed at this point in the night if you cannot tell.  I just couldn't help it how cute they looked!!

Now as much as I love my dogs, I did realize when talking to Jimmy last night that people that probably don't know either me or him very well that got invited to our wedding and just got their save the date were probably like "Why do these people have pictures of their dogs on their save the dates?"  Well- because they are so freaking cute!!  Even Toby :)

Hope everyone is having a great short week!

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