Thursday, November 19, 2009


It's finally here!  In less than 3 hours (yes I'm off work today but up @ 7:30AM blogging- don't ask haha), the wedding events for the Gower/Calcara wedding commence.  I can't WAIT and am so excited that it's here!  Which I'm sure the bride is as well :)  

The organized bride sent out earlier this week the wedding timeline entitled "I Do To Dos" (so cute!!) with hour by hour of all the events that are taking place.  We have a bridesmaid brunch, trip to the nail salon (with lots of chatting as well), then the rehearsal when it will become oh so real to see her walking down that aisle!  Friday kicks off around 9AM, with the ceremony at 6:30PM with the reception at beautiful Mildale Farm following!!  So fun!

It's so exciting that it's finally here- it seemed like it would never really happen, I mean I knew it would but all the conversations about colors, timing, layout, planning that she has had---all done!  Now time to CELEBRATE.  And by 7PM tonight she will officially have forfeited her Gower namesake to become a Calcara and we all couldn't be more excited!!

BRIDE    +



See you there!!!!!  Congrats Vanessa- we love you!  (and you too Chris!)

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