Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hanging Christmas lights in the rain....

So this is what we did last weekend.  I told Jimmy that I really wanted to put up Christmas lights on the outside of our house.  We argued at first: clear vs. colored.  I won with clear, but compromised with putting red and green lights on our porch.  Saturday passed because I was sick and we have TONS of wedding errands to run - and it was fun.  Doctors appointment, to the pharmacy, picked out tuxes, looked at wedding bands (Jimmy's favorite one was like $55.  He said spending a lot on his isn't should go to mine instead.  Ok sold.  Glad we are getting married!), went and looked at Aquinas set up for extravaganza (which was amazing.  that visit complete reaffirmed my excitement about having our reception there), then went back to our house.  He watched football downstairs.  I watched 2 hours of the sample wedding DVD that our videographer gave us to look at.  I laughed, I cried, I felt like I knew them when I was done.  Was it weird, I mean yes it was?  Was I super excited to go to Vanessa's wedding the following week (now only TWO days)....YES!

Anyway...since the lights didn't get hung on Saturday--Sunday was the day.  We went to church at 9 and Jimmy talked to his brother Mike there.  Mike had just finished hanging up Christmas lights at their house and he said it was fun.  Apparently all it takes to give Jimmy TONS of motivation is one of his brothers saying that it's "cool".  Sounds good to me.  Right after church, with Jimmy's new found excitement to hang Christmas lights (let me remind you- it's raining outside at this point!), we headed to Home Depot to make our purchase, based off of Mike's recommendation of course!

We get home- it's still raining.  I see a tree that I want that's 7 ft and pre-lit on super sale.  We go and get it at the hardware store.  Jimmy buys a staple gun and ladder while we were there.  Apparently we both forgot we didn't have a ladder.

We arrive back home again.  He puts on his "rain gear" and sets out to hang Christmas lights for the first time.  Since all we have is a 6 ft ladder- he conquered one side of the house.  It was dangerous, courageous, manly, and sexy.  Way to go Jim.  I was assembling the tree inside--but of course stepped outside to snap a few pictures and ensure that he didn't fall off the roof.

On his way.  Look at him hang those lights!

Still not sure how I feel about this roof adventure he insisted was SO necessary.  However, he lived through it and the lights look awesome!

Final strands...

Ta-da.  Side one complete!

Here was my Christmas tree mess inside.  It is now up with lights, but no ornaments yet.  We're waiting until after Thanksgiving to do that- I don't want my sister to get upset and think we "skipped" Thanksgiving.  She's sensitive about that because of her birthday...November 23.  Sometimes it falls on Thanksgiving day and she claims no one cares.  Lyndsay- I care.  I especially care this year because you are turning the big 2-1!  Wahoo.  Cannot wait!!

Milly & Willy helping out.  Actually being obnoxious and barking.  Toby is in the backyard probably digging in mud.

And there you have it.  Our exciting weekend : )  Actually it was great to take some time to relax, get a bunch of wedding to-dos checked off and spend some time together preparing for the holiday season :)

I can't WAIT for this weekend though------the Gower/Calcara wedding = will be amazing.

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