Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas decorations: my favorite thing!

One of the many things that was accomplished this weekend...finished putting up the Christmas decorations around the house :)  We got a new big tree because my little baby condo tree wasn't going to cut it.  But luckily I way over bought on ornaments last year for my little baby tree because I had enough to go around for the big & little tree!!  Ta da!

Also, I got some garland with lights to put around the porch, which I really like!  And of course...Jimmy did a great job on the lights!!  I did do a post of him hanging the first side- the second side was too dangerous for me to attempt snapping pictures while holding this crazy ladder he was climbing up on.  Luckily, he's super brave and the house looks great!!

My favorite thing is that all the outside lights are set up on timers!  Not only is it super easy, but saves on electricity (because we turn them off around 10:30PM), and best of all I don't have to go and turn them on & off every day and night!  Yeah :)

Finally, here is a sweet rug that I picked up at Kohls for 55% off this weekend. What a steal!  We did have to wait in line for like an hour (yes it was Black Friday)...but when that $196 in savings rang up on the register, I was nothing but smiles!!  Hope you snagged some good deals too!

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  1. We have the big bulb lights on our house, too! I love them. And, I didn't know what cute built-ins you have in your living room. So cute!