Friday, November 6, 2009

Quotes that made me laugh this week

Lauren Miller, Hallmark colleague aka lingere lunch shopping partner

Note: Would rather contract H1N1 from that faker in the elevator than hop on to a packed elevator of 15 "adult" colleagues when I'm carrying gargantuan Victoria's Secret bags.

This was in her email right after we did some lunch shopping over at Crown Center.  Love her.

Jimmy Carter, you know him

Good.  Toby still has fleas.  Milly got a shot of cortizone to help her stop itching and 2 meds to take.  Toby got his vaccine and we transferred him to your account with Milly & Willy.  $130 later and we have a healthy family :)

His response to my text..."how was the vet?"

Me to my colleague Jackie - am I allowed to quote myself?  Well it made me laugh.

Do you think CVS sells underwear?  Oh no, I just checked online- only Depends.  Do you think Vanessa would like those? :)

Letting her in on my bachelorette party weekend prep.

Evan Harding, plumber extraordinaire, via text

LOSER!! Bring Jim's credit card and we'll run up quite a bill in Manhattan this weekend.

The "loser" was referring to Jimmy for not having the guts to go to Manhattan in the chance KU loses.  The latter part indicates that Evan does not know me very well.  I would never do that.  It makes me physically ill thinking about that.

Heather Lichtenauer, funniest person I know

Craiglist list post ( she sent via email: S*x in the bathroom at American Airline Center- w4m- 20 (Dallas)

Her response when Rachel asked, "what does w4m mean?"

I believe it was a guy that sent it.  It said "w4m" which I believe means "white foot male"

Emily McClelland sends the email back: "I thought it meant woman for man"

Heather: That would make a LOT more sense

Love it :)

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