Saturday, December 12, 2009

And winter has arrived....

So last Tuesday night, while Lauren and I were sitting in the man cave watching started snowing. And it was snowing hard!  We didn't realize it was happening until Willy wanted to go outside and when I got up to let him out I opened the door to a snow covered backyard.  It was very pretty, but in even better news M&W both seem to like the snow.  The Kansas City Metro area however didn't like the aftermath too much as lots of schools were canceled.

I would also like to insert a quick note to Kansas City, Missouri just for my sanity.

Me: "KCMO, what do you do with all the tax money that people pay....including me because I'm forced to pay a stupid city tax due to the fact that I work in KCMO...because your road are NEVER cleared when it snows, but Kansas seems to have no problem getting them cleared?"

KCMO: "Brittany, thanks for your question.  Unfortunately everyone who is important at city hall is not available to answer that question because they are busy fielding questions from the media regarding the on-going saga with the mayor's wife that was accused of make racist remarks and making the mayor's office an uncomfortable working environment for everyone."

Me: "Yes, if they do ever see my question- please let them know as a former resident of KCMO and now someone who still watches news stations that cover that stupid stuff....everyone is sick of that and please make it stop.  But can you just enlighten me as to why you cannot clear the roads in a timely manner?"

KCMO: "KCMO is a BIG city.  Our resources do not enable us to clear all the roads in a timely manner with the funds we have."

Me: "Because you are a bigger city, it would seem to me that your city income is higher and therefore your city would be a better position than some of the smaller Kansas city's (Prairie Village, Fairway, Mission, etc) to have resources and time to clear all the roads.  In addition, everyone sees the news and is aware when they say snow is potentially get out there like Kansas does and salt the roads."

KCMO: "You are correct.  Missouri is not smart enough to figure anything like that out.  Thanks for your complaint regarding this.  You are complaint number 45,690"

**This is all to get the point across that I'm not a fan of Missouri in the winter at any time.

Ok back to the fun winter post!!!

The snow, the Christmas parties, the shopping, the giving....what fun this season brings :)  Jimmy's annual Christmas party was last night at Tanners and it was a great turnout and so much fun!!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by---it was so great to see you!!  Yeah for holiday get togethers.  And finally...winter pics.  That's all for me for now!

This one is my favorite.  Willy looks so happy!

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