Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yes I did get stuck on an elevator

Tuesday.  I had the day off work.  I was busy with our wedding invites.  I haven't ever been to Jimmy's work, so this was the perfect day to grab lunch with him and see his office.  Simple, nice, fun.  Or so I thought.

It is that simple.  I go pick him up, we grab lunch at Tequila Harry's, we go up to his office and I meet all these people he works with, check out his cube (that has pictures of us from like 4 years ago......hmmmm), and then we walks me to the elevator and I'm off to meet my mom and sister at our house.

Or so I thought :)

I get in the elevator and push 1.  I wait.  Nothing happens.  I push 2, thinking that if I get it to move I should be ok.  Nothing happens.  I push open door.  Nothing happens.  Ok so then I have a mini-freak out and push every button in the elevator.  Nothing happens.  Then I push the "call for emergency" button and a lady answers.

Elevator Operator (EO): "Can I help you?"

Me: "Yes, I'm stuck on the elevator"

EO: "Did you push the Open Door button?"

Me: Does she think I'm a complete moron? "Yes I did.  And it didn't open."

EO: "Oh, ok.  Did you try to push another floor?"

Me: Ok wow, she must think I'm like 4 years old or doesn't usually talk to semi-coherent people. "Yes ma'am.  I have tried everything."

EO: "Ok, it sounds like you are stuck" (Me: DUH) "Hold on a second please" (Me: Ummm...I'm not going anywhere.  You yourself just stated I'm stuck on an elevator) "Ok I just talked to Amy from the building and she is sending someone over.  Please let me know if you need anything else."

And then I sit.  And sit.  Oh, did I forget to mention that I bring my cell phone with me everywhere.  Except this time.  Left it in the car.  Because why oh why would I ever need a cell phone to go quickly into see Jimmy's office and leave? :) 
Someone calls my name.  I kind of feel like I'm in a movie.  I answer to them that yes, I am in fact still here.  It's a manager in Jimmy's office that I just met 10 minutes ago.   He explains to me that he, Jimmy and Jeff were on their way down the elevator and they heard us talking on the intercom.  And that Jimmy is trying to call me on my cell phone now to see if I'm stuck.  Hmmmm....

So then I just sit....and sit....and sit.  I hear some building guys come but tell someone on their walkie talkie that they in fact don't have the elevator key to open the elevator so they have to wait for the elevator company representative.  That's makes total sense (do you sense sarcasm).

I sit and sit and sit.

Then I hear Jimmy laughing.  I call out "Jimmy, I hear you. This is not funny."

Then the door opens.  And I get out and walk down the stairs. 

And now I will forever be known in Jimmy's office not as his fiance, but as the girl that got stuck on the elevator :)  But this in fact my friends, is precisely the reason why I started this blog. Because for some reason in this strange and twisted universe, things like this just always seem to happen to me.  See the next post for more. 


  1. Ok, this is hilarious! Great story, I can totally picture it, how funny!