Friday, December 18, 2009

"I think she just called me a teenager"

When: Last night around 8:30PM. Jimmy & I were downstairs enjoying the new release The Hangover

What: Our doorbell rings...we aren't expecting anyone

And here goes the story....

I answer the door and of course my dogs are trying to pry their way outside, so I kind of smush myself between the cracked door and the wall while the lady outside, with a handful of presents, swings open the glass storm door.

Me: "Hi- can I help you?"

Lady with presents: "Yes, can I come in and drop these presents off?"

Me: Very confused look on my face "Um...sure, but I think you might have the wrong house...we're not expecting anyone to drop off presents"

Lady with presents: Starts hysterically laughing

**At this point I start sniffing for alcohol wondering if she's really drunk and then start looking for hidden cameras to pop out thinking we're on this reality TV show**

Me: "Maybe you are looking for that house?" Pointing to the East

Lady with presents: " I think I want the house on the other side of you. So so sorry. They have teenagers living with them too and I don't know what they look like. I just thought you were them! Thanks and happy holidays!" Still hysterically laughing.

So I close the door and walk back downstairs to curl up in the throne chair. As I replay our conversation in my head I realize...wait...she thought I was a teenage living at my parents house. I immediately blurt out to Jimmy "OMG, she thought I was the teenager!! I think she just called me a teenager". He of course is confused but give me a weird look, then ignores me, like I continue the thoughts in my head. And that this was my parents house and I was the teenager. A part of me wished I would have realized that at the time, then corrected her because obviously I'm not a teenager and this is me and my soon-to-be husband's house...but then I look at my outfit and what I look like. No make up, hair pulled back, baggy pi phi sweat pants on, and a fashion careers 2 sweatshirt on from senior year of high school. Haha. Well there you go.

Anyways, I still am not sure whether I'm annoyed or flattered that she thought I was a teenager, but after my personal pondering I proceeded to tell Jimmy the story, then Lauren...and the list goes on until it finally makes it to blog world :) Here's to random people ringing the doorbell!!

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