Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Apparently I'm a thief

So Monday night after our work out class, Lauren and I went to Price Chopper on the way home to pick up some must have items.  We went in together then went our separate ways, meeting at the check out counter around the same time.  We go to separate check out lines.  I check out first, then wait for her as she checks out.  We grab our bags, head out the door, get in her car.  As we are driving away, I note that the lady that checked me out is standing outside the store (in a t-shirt, I might add, and it was like 12 degrees) and say "it looks like she's looking for someone...." to Lauren.  Then we drive off romantically into the sunset and that's it.

Or so I thought.  (I think this is a theme of my recent posts)

After my elevator incident (see post below), I get in my car and check my cell phone. 

5 missed calls from Jimmy 
1 voicemail from Jimmy (saying....Call me back.  Are you stuck in the elevator?)
1 text message from my mom

The text message says "Call Price Chopper @ XXX-XXXX.  Something about your transaction last night." Um, ok, that's weird.

So I call my mom and ask for more details.  She said that she asked them, but they wouldn't say.  Lots of things start running through my mind.  Did I will a prize?  Did I leave my debit card?  Why would they be calling me? 

I call them back.  Tell the girl that answers my name and why I'm calling.  She puts me on hold.  For 10 minutes.  With the most terrible hold music.  Like come on.  Hold music sucks in general, so if you are going to try to make it cool but it really sucks, just don't use it at all.  Anyways, this lady answers finally and I tell her my name and that I was returning a call about my transaction last night and just wanted to see what they needed. 

Her response: "Yes.  You didn't pay for your groceries."

Mine: semi-panic in my voice "I'm confused.  How does that happen?"

Her response: "I'm not sure. You didn't get a receipt and you just didn't pay."

Thoughts running through my head.  How did the cashier let me walk off with my groceries?  I even stood there and waited for Lauren for like 5 did she not realize it then!?  Then it hits me.  I bought some blackberries and when she scanned them they didn't come up in the system.  She asked me how much they were, I tell her the correct price and then another lady comes up and tells her to write down the UPC so she can get it entered into the system.  The cashier apparently can read the small UPC without her glasses, so I read it to her and she wrote it down, handed it to the other lady and then handed me my groceries.  Wait...I didn't ever pay.  I handed her my Chopper Shopper card and that is it.  AND the cashier that I commented on waiting outside was in fact looking for me.

As I have this realization I feel horrible!!  It's not like I meant not to pay.  I would never steal.  Groceries especially.  I start explaining this to the lady on the phone going step by step through the story.  She is not amused.

Her response (coldly): "Yes, I figured it was something of that sort.  Please hold so I get someone to get your information."  Um ok, lets be rude.  It's not like I meant to and I just told her how sorry I was and that I would give you my debit card information.

So then I get on the phone and explain the whole thing to the original girl I was talking to.  She laughs and says that she's sure it was a misunderstanding and takes my info and done.  But seriously, I know it was partly my fault....but it's not like a grabbed my groceries and RAN out of the store purposely stealing them.  I mean what true thief hangs around waiting and then casually strolls out.

Anyways, I'm not a thief.  It was a mistake.  I'm sorry Price Chopper.  I will never do it again.  But the lady that got angry with me, I suggest you learn some customer service skills from the lady that first answered the phone.

Again though, how does this stuff always seem to happen to me??  Guess it does make for good blog posts.

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