Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"I can't breathe it smells so bad"

When was that sentence muttered?  Last night in my bedroom.  Willy, my 23 lb wiener dog had the worst farts I could barely breathe.  My stomach even started to hurt from the smell.  What is WRONG with him? How could that horrible of a smell come from that cute of a dog in unbeknownst to me.....

Like I'm not kidding.

I'm laying there and get a whiff of it.  Then Jimmy does.  He blames me, I blame him.  Then it smells so horrible we can't even talk, let alone breathe.  It was Willy.

So after laughing and trying to wave the smell away, it comes again!!  Holy cow Willy.  Like I'm not even kidding, my stomach is starting to hurt just writing this it smelled THAT bad.

At this point I cannot stop laughing.  Which it turn means that I get blamed for it.  But seriously, that could not come out of me.

Ok, it dies down again.  But then wait......one more.

Can you give dogs Beano or Gas-X?  Like it was literally the most disgusting thing I've ever smelled.  I wanted to put him in his kennel for the rest of the night.  But then I looked at him (with my nose plugged) and he was so cute.  So I let him stay in the bed with me :)  But still gross.

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