Tuesday, December 29, 2009

White Christmas here and gone....

...not so much. Christmas is here and gone, yes, but the white part?! When will that go away!!?? This snow was crazy and because there was so much of it, it continues to linger around everywhere! I do have some great pictures of Jimmy shoveling outside and throwing the football with Toby and Toby's new found love of frolicking in the snow, but my camera was left at the Carters in the midst of Christmas family fun so I can't post them!!

Anyways, I think like most people in the Kansas City/midwest area, our Christmas did not go as planned. Here's how it did go:

Christmas Eve:
- Mass with the Carters
- Dinner @ Capital Grille- but Bobby and Hillary couldn't make it because of the weather so that was sad!!
- Supposed to go to 11PM service with my family at my church- scratch that because you cannot see the roads
- Instead Jimmy insists we physically see my family so we trek through the blizzard and arrive in Lenexa for a 30 min stay
- Start driving back to our house, almost get stuck on the side of the road when one of Jimmy's tires dips into a ditch (yes, I freaked out. Yelled and he claims almost started crying (not true) but 5 seconds later we were out and I was fine)

- Milly of course was the first to arise and insisted on skipping breakfast because she wanted her dingos from Aunt Lauren
- Jimmy gets his awesome fogless shower mirror with Ipod/radio speakers and sets that up
- I go up and look in the cabinet at my new, beautiful, wonderful cookware he got me. I'm in love
- Decide that we want to go visit Chris and Vanessa at their new house outside of STL for NYE- email her and invite ourselves :)
- I whip up some spinach and artichoke dip and a cheeseball (staple) and we head to my parents, gifts in hand and dogs too
- Exchange Bruns gifts- I got in trouble because I "broke" the no gift rule
- Stuff ourselves full of non-breakfasts appetizers @ 10AM...yum!
- Head to see "It's Complicated" at WestGlen...it was funny, ok movie
- Back to my parents, decide we need to take my dogs over to the Carters so we don't have to come back to my parents
- Head to the Carters. One second after we arrive, Milly poops in the kitchen, Willy pees in the office and poops in the family room. Sweet life. That's not embarrassing
- Carter family gift exchange! Which included Tonka trucks, a really cute princess outfit, Toy Story stuff, cute doll and girl matching PJs and wonderful gift cards!! Cousin Louie came over and apparently Willy and Milly did not warm up to him as fast as I thought they would. So Milly and Willy went in the kennel
- Do get stuck trying to plow through our enormous driveway to the garage. Jimmy has to shovel around his SUV so we don't have to leave his car there
- Pass out

Day after Christmas:
- We are supposed to go to Iowa to visit the Bruns side of the family and see my grandparents new apartment!!  We didn't get to go last year because of the bad weather, and guess what??  We didn't get to go this year either.  I guess I-29 through Omaha was shut down for a while and then when it opened back up, travel was not advised and towing prohibited.  Why did you open it up then?  Anyways, that sucks because we didn't get to see our family :(  Again....BOOOOOO
- Wake up pouting and go to Village Inn to use a coupon I had
- Go to Target to just walk around and get out of the house.  Jimmy tried to convince me why we needed to spend $30 on Monopoly City version.  Even though we already have normal Monopoly.  "But this is so much better, you can build sky scrapers".  Haha, it will take a lot more convincing me than that
- Get 2 Red Box DVDs....the snow continues and we are snowed in our driveway
- Around dinner time I decide we need to clean the whole house because I'm so stir crazy
- We clean the wood floors, mop the kitchen, clean the kitchen/oven/stove, clean all the bathrooms, vacuum everywhere, organize our mess of a guest room and all the crazy wedding stuff I have accumulated, finish doing laundry
- Sit down to watch another movie.  Ready for the next day...bored bored bored

2 days after Christmas:
- Get up and go downtown to clean
- Cannot get into Carter Glass, so we go to Nebraska Furniture Mart
- Decide we want to register here really bad.  So we do it.  However, their scanners don't work so I now have to do it entirely online.  As well as making sure we don't double register for stuff.  Who the heck knew this part of getting married was so stressful??
- Go pick up my mom while Jimmy cleans all of our carpets.  We go to print off all our invitations.  Holy crap.  Lots of paper, but so glad it was done.  Now to cut all them.  Holy crap.  Another post maybe about that.  Lots and lots of cutting.
- Out to dinner with the Calcara's!!  Yeah so fun!
- Then met a few other Pi Phi's (Liz, Courtney) out for drinks at Tom Fooleries....so happy we got to hang out!

- Back to work in the morning then cutting, cutting, cutting in the afternoon

Hope the weather didn't ruin your holiday plans too much!  It's so sad when you don't get to see family in general, but especially at this time of the year.  Next....ready to say good bye to 2009 and hello to 2010!!!

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