Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sick?! On Christmas?!

Yep- it happened. Jimmy is sick.  With what exactly we are not sure...the flu??

Symptoms include:
- 101.5 degree fever
- Chills/hot flashes (which includes regularly adjusting the thermostat)
- Nausea - he apparently hasn't puked since 4th grade from being "real sick" (aka not drunk) and is not willing to give up this streak just yet.  Let's hope so...
- Aches/Pains

Poor guy.  Last time this happened to him was right after the Moore's wedding, but I was hit with it too so we could be sick together.  Now I just walk around our house doing my normal things and feeling bad that he is stuck on the couch/bed.

And what horrible timing!! With Christmas coming up there are so many fun family things we have planned to do I just hope that he can join in the fun!  Otherwise I'll be going solo to the Carter Christmas Eve dinner @ Capital Grille....wait that would be really mean of me.  Ok so we'll BOTH be missing out on Christmas family he needs to get better ASAP!

Lucky for him, Milly and Willy are the best snuggle buddies and will hopefully make him feel better.  He left work early yesterday because he was feeling horrible and didn't move all day.  Not going in today because he still has a fever!!  Poor guy.  All I know is that after this I am going to DEEP CLEAN the house because I don't want what he has!!

Get better Jimmy!

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