Wednesday, December 30, 2009

HUGE check off the to-do list

And a huge sigh of relief :)  Wedding invitiations are finished. Completely compiled and sitting in a box.  I. CANNOT. BELIEVE. IT.

When decided I wanted to take on designing our wedding invitiations a fun DIY task to make them personalized, but save some $$ of course, I had no idea what an undertaking it would be.  I seriously started designing these on October 31.  I remember that because we went to Mallorie and Jeremy's halloween party and we left because I was exhausted---from all the mental power I had exerted that day designing our invitations.  Whew.  Who knew I was A) That lame and B) DIY stuff took so much energy?!

Anyways, so fast forward to Monday and Tuesday this week.  My "vacation" days were consumed with printing, cutting, punching, gluing and some major back aches from all the standing and precision it entailed.  So once I was ready for assembly, I called my troops into action.  Aka MOH (sister, Lyndsay) and MOB (mom, Barb) (PS these new abbreviations if you are not familiar are due to my excessive reading of wedding websites where soon to be brides have an obsession with abbreviating everything and everyone involved in their wedding day.  I mean it saves typing time I guess, but seriously they abbreviate everything.  There are some I have no clue what they are supposed to be.  I should developed a glossary and abbreviation handbook for newly engaged people.  It would be so helpful)

MOH and MOB were put to work.  In the midst of it, I realized what a complete moron I was because I was using a Xyron adhesive roller to glue stuff and when it ran out, I thought it was broken, sent my mom to Michael's to complain, she did, we got free refills, then to come home and realize we are really just not that smart with crafy stuff and it was out of glue.  Sweet.  Then I realized that I was going to blow through these in no time with so many invites to glue in the pocketfolds.  That's when the Groom comes in (aka Jimmy).  I call him as he's on his way home from work begging him to stop @ Michael's to buy some glue.  He grunts a little, but does it of course.  As he arrives home, MOH and MOB are headed out as their stuffing job is complete.  Then Jim sprays adhesive and I affix it.  Besides the fact our hands/wood floors/hair/face/nails were covered with spray glue, I would say it was successful.

Then onto the final touch.  The belly band and and circle monogram to finish off the invitation.  Enter bridesmaid/roommate Lauren. She and I folded, glued, straightened, and pretty much kicked butt because we knocked them out in no time.  Even though she didn't think she was up to the task, I have to say she did a wonderful job :)  And I much appreciated her help as well as my mom, sister, and Jimmy's!  Best part is, we got it done just in the nick of time to go to the Cashew to help celebrate Courtney and Emily's birthdays.

And now.........I can sigh a big sigh of relief.  All that's left is to send the envelopes off to be addressed and then come February they are going out in the mail!  Wahoo. 

Now I just walk into my living room every morning, look at this box, and smile.  A smile of relief, pride, and happiness that I A) Actually did what I set out to accomplish and B) Am freaking getting married......ahhhh!!

PS Mom I know you hate when I show people stuff for the wedding this is just a "sneak peak" :)  They will have to wait to get them in the mail to see the awesomeness inside!!!! 

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  1. I'm impressed!! Can't wait to get one! So I better be invited.