Monday, December 7, 2009

Organization at it's finest

Upon Lauren and I's surprise Saturday morning arrival back to Kansas City...we arrived right in time to witness some male bonding time between Roger and Jimmy.  Their task for the day: Reorganize the garage.

Unfortunately I didn't get any "before" pictures- but I can tell you this...there was crap everywhere, no shelves, stuff lining the sides of the garage (made it hard to get in & out of the car), and tools everywhere.  Jimmy built the tool bench which is pretty fancy!  Roger did what he does best and reorganized like a crazy man!!!

And it is!  Spic and span.  Great job guys---I have to say it puts a little smile on my face every time I walk in the garage.

Wahoo for clean garages.

PS As you can tell...Jimmy's decorating sense graced the garage's presence.

And...Barb did some great work at our house this weekend too!  I found some fabulous fabric that matched the decor in the living room/dining room perfectly for practically a steal.  So that means it was time to finally re-cover the hideous green chair cushions.  And she was up for the task.  I took all the covers off, got the fabric, and helped her when needed...but she did all the real work!  I will give credit when credit is due....and the chairs look awesome!!!

Thanks Mom and Dad for all your help this weekend!!!

PPS I cannot figure out for the life of me why this picture is coming in sideways.  I give up!  You get the picture....

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