Friday, October 15, 2010

The final Mrs. Carter!

Well, today is the day----Happy Wedding Day to Bobby & Hillary :) This has been a long time coming and we could not be more excited for them to finally tie the knot and start their journey as a married couple! It is a gorgeous fall day in Kansas City and it is going to be a gorgeous wedding!!!
The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner were absolutely wonderful. Everyone had wonderful things to say about Hillary and Bobby and their amazing relationship that started all the way back in high school!! But one speech that really hit home for me was from Jimmy (and Bobby)'s dad (aka my father-in-law). Since this is my in-laws fifth, and final, son to get married, he said that Hillary is completing the Carter circle. And that when he met his wife in 1971 (have been married for 37 years now), he said that he had no idea what kind of family they would make, but standing there last night looking at his final son get married- he could not be more proud of his family, his sons and his daughter-in-laws. It is so crazy to think that someday Jimmy and I will be standing there as the mother and father of the bride or groom and feeling those same emotions- AH! And after 5 weddings, how could you not be proud---especially to see what fabulous women your sons chose to marry (sorry had to get that in there haha!).
Anyways, I'm so excited for Hillary to officially become a Carter- even though she has been around longer than me as a Carter girlfriend :) Having sister-in-laws has been something more wonderful than I ever expected!
So CHEERS to the soon-to-be Bobby and Hillary Carter! We love you and are so excited to share your special day with you and send you off to Hawaii as man and wife!!!
One of their early pictures I found on facebook- they look so young!!!

Such a wonderful couple!

Love her!

And our best friends :) We are so happy and blessed to have you in our lives and even more grateful that we live so close to each other!!! Here's a wonderful day, a wonderful honeymoon, and many many many wonderful years of marriage!!!!

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  1. yay for weddings!! my sister got married last weekend, and again it was AWESOME fall weather!! have a blast!!