Sunday, October 10, 2010

Time Flies when you are married!

Cannot believe exactly 6 months ago today (4/10/10), Jimmy and I got married---and I officially became a Carter. Time has just flown by and it has been an amazing, interesting, fun, funny, wonderful, and really every other emotion wrapped up in between during the first 6 months of marriage. But overall, it has been so great and I really couldn't ask for a better husband :) From doing laundry, cleaning up the kitchen, and other household chores he decides to help being just so hilarious and always being able to make me laugh and fall in love with him all over again every day, he's just the perfect guy for me!

I came home today from a wonderful weekend in Manhattan to find a wonderful Hallmark card waiting for me in the kitchen. It was literally the absolutely perfect card and a great example of a card that is so wonderful just for our relationship. Love that company :)

Haha, how perfect is that card with the dog on the couch?? I love it!! Also, there were two tootsie rolls (YUM!) because apparently Price Chopper was out of flowers. Love it Jimmy!

Here's a few shots from the last few weeks. We kicked off this weekend on Friday night with a surprise birthday dinner for the wonderful Lauren Young....with Jimmy's new shirt!!

And another one, a while ago at P&L :)

Jimmy- thanks for being a fabulous husband, best friend, and wonderful dog dad! Cheers to 600 more months!

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