Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy 95th Kansas Beta!

October 9....Emily and I headed to Manhattan, KS to meet up with a bunch of wonderful friends in our pledge class '03 in the Kansas Beta chapter of Pi Beta Phi :) The current women in the chapter had quite the weekend planned! The first event we attended was a luncheon at the house where we got to see the great changes that have been made since we left (new bathrooms FINALLY!) and see a lot of familiar faces from other alumni, older and younger. It was great!! Best of all, we walked around the house together and talked about all the memories we had in those halls, in those sleeping dorms, and even in the bathrooms...haha. But BEST of all- we pulled out an old trick that Van played on lots of people when we were in the house....she hopped in this random cabinet in the hallway and would scare people. Is was freaking hilarious. And guess what?! About 5 or 6 years later---she still fits :) HAHAHA. I tried to look for the old picture of this, but guess what? I think that was pre-facebook pictures. Wow, that was a long time ago!

Good friends outside of the House of Pi

And YEP- we hit up the Porter's patio pretty much the whole afternoon. Very fun!

Then Vanessa and I headed to the banquet because she was a speaker! She got to talk about what Pi Phi means to her after all this time :) She did a great job! We even got to sit at a fancy table with Mom T and the president! It was very fun and amazing to think that 95 years ago women founded the Pi Phi chapter at K-State. The world was so different then and to have come so far and still be quite an amazing chapter full of wonderful women is pretty awesome! We are all very lucky to be a part of it!

But then of course later...we hit up Aggieville for quite the adventure. And what do you know? The first 2 guys I run into....Calen and Alex! Lauren and Rachel's younger brothers! So funny. Needless to say we had a fun time!

I'm still waiting for some more pictures to be posted on facebook, so maybe more later? But I will say, it was a complete blast to be back in Manhattan again with lots of good friends. Also, it was like a big slumber party all weekend because Lauren's parents just moved to Manhattan full time and were SO kind to host us all weekend in their fabulous house!! It was so great to just to talk before we went to bed and wake up next to friends! Can't wait for the next reunion or trip---maybe Mexico for Courtney's wedding or a trip to VEGAS? I think yes!

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