Monday, October 25, 2010

Heble bakes a cake!

During a recent Chief's game tailgate/lunch at Ben's house, Dr. Dan decided he wanted to bake a cake. You read that right.....Heble manning the oven. With lack of a mixer, some Pam and any prior experience, he got working immediately on the fun-fetti cake!

While I didn't get any pictures of his initial work, which included stirring very swiftly with a spoon, rubbing some butter on the bottom of a pan and finally popping it in the oven!!

And here was the final result, after he impatiently waited for it to cool down before frosting. A guy, impatient, hm...who knew? :)

Working hard. And remember when it's still a little TOO warm and the frosting takes off a little bit of the top the cake. That happened, he freaked and I had to take over. But really I was just there for moral support...and a little experience!

Julia and Kate were the bystanders that were just taking it all in....

Jimmy- are you laughing or just ate too much? I would appreciate you taking up some of these baking skills Heble has learned.

Putting on the finishing touch--sprinkles!

Milly wanting to eat some cake.

Dr. Dan and his finished product! And it was DELICIOUS!!

Dan used his skills the following weekend to bake a red velvet cake for a couple's shower for Kate and Joe---and I'm sure it was delicious! I did tell him that he can borrow my cupcake pan and tower next time for his display! I love it! A man that cooks :)

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