Thursday, October 21, 2010

Frost/Carter Wedding: Night #2- the big day!

Now, if this picture doesn't get this post off to a good start and make you smile, I'm not sure what will! What is better than two people looking so gorgeous and happy and ready to get married!! Pure excitement and joy!

And if this picture doesn't make you laugh and say "oh my gosh, so cute", then you should probably just stop reading...haha, just kidding. But really. How cute is Kenlie during my attempt to entertain her pre-wedding? She grabbed Jimmy's sunglasses (yes, those are Jimmy's sunglasses- yes he is a boy, oh I know, they look like woman's glasses...) and said, take a picture!

All the men....looking sharp :) And my mother in law turned around right as I snapped this picture! She looked great too

And the gorgeous bridesmaids- watching their sister/friend walk down the aisle. So pretty! Love those dresses- good pick Hillary!

Here she comes.....last walk as a Frost!

So pretty :) It was a great service!

And- they are done! Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Carter!! Wahoo! Now EVERYONE in Jimmy's immediate family has the last name Carter. Crazy!

On the trolley with a cute little ring bearer and flower girl :)

Jimmy and Tim

Cutting the cake- so pretty!

And...their first dance! picture of the night- Ben and Libbie passed out at the table from pure exhaustion! No, not from anything else...but how funny that is how they fell asleep!

Waiting to get our picture taken with the bride and groom, so we got a shot of us!

Two of the Carter families :)

And had to snap a shot of this---the groom's cake! So cute! I think this is the old Jayhawk? I'm not an expert though!

Overall, it was a fabulous night and celebration of two wonderful people! We had SOOOO much fun dancing and helping them kick off the start to a wonderful life together. Holy cow! They had Michael Beer's band and they were AMAZING! Literally, but legs hurt so bad the next day from dancing so much! It was great. And after a plaza drop off of friends, a run through McDonald's and running Bobby's backpack back to Jimmy's parents house....we finally got to go to sleep----and it was so wonderful also! So cheers to the final Carter wedding---maybe Libbie is next?? She's I think we have a while to go!


  1. Pretty! And yes, that's the old Jayhawk - From 1912 I'm pretty sure. Haha, I am a Jayhawk expert. :)

  2. dancing the night away is a great workout!!