Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy birthday Lauren!!!

So last year on October 1, I was very blessed to be living with a wonderful friend and help her celebrate her 25th birthday. I cannot believe a year has already passed because I feel like it was yesterday I was wishing her happy birthday, we were off to work, and then the next day I carried a huge CostCo cake into the Cashew on a First Friday to help her celebrate a quarter of a century. And so much has changed!

She is no longer my wonderful roommate :( Jimmy took that spot! But she moved in with her hunky boyfriend David and they live in a pretty sweet apartment! However, she is dearly missed at the Carter household, especially by Milly and Willy. While Lauren was not a dog person, I think those two little weiner dogs changed her mentality! They just loved her. And Milly had a crush on that helped!
Anyways, Lauren has been such a wonderful friend for SO many years....since we met all the way back in Mrs. Tollefson's third grade class at Mill Creek elementary school. From welcoming me as the new girl in class to all the years we spent playing all kinds of sports together and even to being at different colleges but always finding time to make visits to each other, she has truly been one of my absolute best friends for a lifetime. Not to mention the true test she was given, which was living with me through my wedding planning :) She knew more details of our wedding than Jimmy did and was always there to listen, give feedback and calm me down when I had a breakdown. She was there as we were literally walking out the door to our rehearsal when I picked up all the namecards for the reception I had just spent hours alphabetizing.......and they went EVERYWHERE. I about had a break down. Literally, standing there ready to walk out the door the day before my wedding about to burst into tears over the dumbest thing, she was there to laugh with me, tell me it's ok and the wedding planners know the alphabet (haha) and just pick them up and let's go. That's why she's so wonderful. Always there to drag me down back to reality and realize that it's not that big of a deal.
Finally, she's always there to celebrate the good times and be a shoulder to cry on with the bad. I can only hope I'm as good as friend to her as she has been to me :) Happy birthday Lauren and wishing you a wonderful 2-6th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ringing in the new year together....

Best friends forever (aka bff)

Long time ago at Huey's wedding!!

Out and about!

Bachelorette party :) So fun!!

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