Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Frost/Carter wedding: Night #1

All right, so I took a LOT of pictures this past weekend! With the final Carter wedding on Friday, an STA wedding on Saturday and then tons of fun hanging out with friends watching the Chiefs game and chaperoning Heble baking for the first time, blog readers, you are in for a treat :)

But anyways, onto the rehearsal that was on Thursday night. Beautiful! They decided to get married at KCK Cathedral which is in Kansas City, KS and was so nice! When we arrived that evening, apparently there had just been a nearby shooting (AH!) so we were thankful to get inside the church quick! It went over very well and then we were off to the dinner!

Bride and Groom
Such a pretty church!!!

Handsome Carter boys and Bobby's friends...
Then we were onto the Loose Mansion for an absoluetly GORGEOUS rehearsal dinner! Sue and Hillary did a great job of setting the menu, picking out decorations and everything else. The night was wonderful and filled with fun stories of the bride and groom from way back when they met in high school and Bobby pursued her with much persistence.....such a cute story. On top of some great toasts and marriage advice from the Carter boys!
This is sorry!
But apparently I got that fixed for our pic :)
And we had a little guest at our table for a while---the birthday girl herself, Maren Carter! She was the only Carter grandkid that was lucky enough to come to the dinner! She spent an ample amount of time hanging out at our table and teasing the groom!

She's 4!!
Maren's photograph of the bride and groom- LOVE this!
What's up now..."I'm 4"
Maren all set with the groom and her shirley temple drink!
I can hear it now "So...uncle Bobby, are you so excited to get married? Aunt Hillary is so pretty....but when you are still have to play with me, k?"
And finally, me and the bride-to-be! What a fabulous night!!
The only thing that was not-so-good for them (and Jimmy) was the beating that KU took against K-State, but I would say it was probably a good thing we were all at the dinner and not able to watch it because I know the best man was not so happy with that outcome.........and pictures to come!

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