Friday, October 22, 2010

Turbo I come

Today it is folks. Yep, starting a new workout program and committing to it for TWENTY WEEKS. Yes, you read right. The big 2-0 weeks...approximately half of a year. Seems intense right? Seems crazy, huh? Well, I am ready to go back to pre-wedding Brittany and get in great shape again and ultimately just feel better! And this is my solution, work out DVDs from Chalene Johnson and, which is where I purchased my first set of Turbo Jam DVDs to work out to back in 2007 when I was traveling 4 days a week for work. I needed something that I could fit in my bag, do in my hotel room in the morning, and feel great. Well, I was so happy with Turbo Jam that after I joined 24 hour fitness and discovered their Turbo Kick classes on Monday and Wednesday nights, I was hooked. I went regularly with Lauren and they kept me in shape post Bridal bootcamp and pre-wedding.

So here we are again, 6 months + after the wedding and I'm ready to get in gear again. I need a schedule---I'm the type of person that strives for planning and scheduling (if you cannot tell)...hence why I just set up Jimmy and I on google calendar and synced them to our blackberries so now he always knows what is going on :) Anyways, back to the point. If something isn't written in my calendar or I don't have it as a "goal" in my mind and written down, to be honest, it's probably not going to happen, as there is already enough stuff going on in life. The reason bridal bootcamp worked? I paid for it and the trainer held me accountable to come- I didn't want to waste my $$. The reason Turbo Kick classes worked? I had Lauren to go with me, a great work out partner. The reason Turbo Fire will work? I am going to schedule it in my calendar and make a weekly countdown to reach my 20 week goal. If I miss a day, that's ok- but back at it immediately, right? Can't make excuses. Especially when I plan to do early morning work outs---because my other option to spend my time is sleeping and since I control that, I will make myself get up and get in some good cardio before work. So here we go..........this morning was a here is to another 120 days of TURBOFIRE (20 weeks * 7 days in a week then subtract 7 days because you get a day off of a week---just to explain the math behind that).

Let's see how this goes :) Wish me luck.

Think I'll ever be able to kick THIS high? WOW!

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  1. This just looks extremely awful, ridiculously hard, and very intense. Please film your workout sessions the minute you start doing this program :)