Monday, October 4, 2010

Sprint thinks I'm nuts....

Right after we got married, Jimmy wanted to upgrade our phones from the regular old Blackberries, to a fancy 4G droid phone....the Sprint Evo. I agreed, as I wanted to make my new husband smile from ear to ear about his new, fun phone to play with. I was a little hesitant to make the move because I really liked my Blackberry. I liked how easy it was to use, it was fast, I liked BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) and how small it was. But I couldn't let him one-up me and have a cooler phone, so we both walked out with them.
Fast forward 5 months. I didn't like the phone as much as I did in the beginning. Yes, it really could do some AWESOME things (sync groceries lists, app, google maps, great camera, etc), but it wasn't my BlackBerry. And I started getting frustrated because I felt like the things I wanted and needed to do that were very basic, i.e. call people, answer the phone, text people....were delayed or not working and I got mad! Then don't get me started on the battery life because that was pretty much a life adjustment as I had to recharge the thing at least 2 times a day because of all the apps and things going on the background. So again, when I would need my phone the most (at night when I was going out, trying to call people), it wouldn't work. I finally had it. I told Jimmy to do it. Put it on eBay.
And he did. And it sold for about $180 more than we bought it for. So pretty much we turned a little bit of a profit, right? :) Well, for the time being since I'm back to using this baby.......

The best part was on Saturday morning after the phone had sold and we got our $$, before we mailed it out, I wanted to go to the Sprint store and get any numbers I put on my Evo during the last 5 months back onto my BlackBerry. So when we took it in and handed the guys at the store the phone to sync them, they figured I was transferring them from the BlackBerry to the Evo. Oh no, buddy. Haha. He asked Jimmy if he was serious, and he said that yes, his wife didn't like the Evo. His exact words were, "it was just too much phone for her". Ha, thanks Jimmy. But pretty much he thought I was nuts for going back. But you know what, I'm much happier :) So go ahead and think that I'm nuts Sprint guy...
See ya later were our award winning (not) photos that got the Evo sold.

So in the mean time, I'll be using my old phone and lusting after one of these.....on Ebay.....BlackBerry Bold. trackball, every BlackBerry lovers dream come true :)


  1. I am agreeing with you on the blackberry. I love mine, it is so easy to use! I am disagreeing with u on the trackball... never had a problem with mine :)

  2. i've decided i'm too stupid for blackberrys. they scare the crap out of me and the buttons are so small!

  3. I still have a Blackberry and absolutely love it. I'm totally with you on this smart phone talk! I'm not sure I would be able to text/email very fast on a touch screen. I need the actual contact...finger to button:).

  4. Welcome back to BBM…my life can go back to normal!!! :)

  5. Get an iPhone. You will love it...even more than a Blackberry. Promise. :)